U.S. Based Spanish-Language Publishers Have to Settle for Lower Profits Abroad

Publishers eying the large Hispanic market abroad may need to adjust their expectations for profit margins when it comes to selling Spanish-language content.

“If you are looking at your Spanish numbers and think they’re going to be the same as the English, it’s not going to happen,” said Tessie DeVore, executive vice president of Charisma House Publishing, a Lake Mary, Fla.-based Christian media company that has several Spanish-language imprints. She was speaking at the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association leadership conference in Nashville about profit margins for U.S.-based publishers to sell Spanish-language content abroad.

With the rise of digital content and distribution, the Spanish-language market abroad is more tantalizing than ever. Many Hispanic readers abroad and in developing countries access content on their smartphones and feature phones, DeVore said.

However, the price they expect to pay for content is much lower than what readers in the U.S. expect to pay. That doesn’t mean the market is completely closed to publishers with offices in big cities and American salaries to pay.

“You have to look at ways to save,” DeVore said. “You have to work with your fixed costs to make it work and end up in a place where you are comfortable. There is money to be made and it can be profitable but it’s just a different way of approaching it.”


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