Traditional Media Transitioning to Digital Review Copies

November and December saw a drastic trend toward traditional media requesting digital review copies of books, according to Sandra Poirier Diaz, president at Smith Publicity, Inc. “Even with a print version also available,…top media including Christian Science Monitor, USA Today and Entertainment Weekly” have begun requesting digital review copies from Smith Publicity, Inc. (a firm that has promoted over1,500 books, ebooks, and audiobooks since 1997).

As traditional media acclimates to working with titles in digital formats, ebook-only titles will likely get the same media and review attention that print books garner.

In the meantime, “having [for-media-distribution-only print galley copies] available is an extremely effective strategy for reaching out to traditional media and top-tier online outlets,” said Poirier Diaz.

Another useful tool for getting ebooks into the right hands is NetGalley, which has been providing its service since 2008.

“Uploading ebooks to the NetGalley platform is key to helping us connect ebook titles with librarians, books reviewers, bloggers, educators and media contacts. Romance, women’s fiction, cookbooks, sci-fi and mystery books tend to be the most popular genres” with media using this platform, said Poirier Diaz.

Ebook titles can often be an advantage for publicists looking to get their authors in the limelight. Poirier Diaz explained, “having an ebook allows us to quickly fulfill a media contact’s desire to see a book, which is crucial with the fierce competition for attention!”

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