Tracking the Hybrid Author

trackingMore authors who have published traditionally and are now finding success self-publishing are coming out of the woodwork to talk about their experiences.
The latest is Marie Force, the best-selling author of 25 romance titles, including many from Harlequin. (She hit the Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller list last week at No. 9 on the $3.00 to $7.99 list.) In an interview in answer to the question of what is the most important key to her success, she said, “self-publishing is the single most important key to my success.”
What about all that work over at Harlequin? That was then and this is now. And now, publishers are less interested in Force’s works – yet, she has found readers who still are interested. She has revived old works and self-published them digitally and she is now writing new works.
Publishers should listen to what authors like Force have to say. First, they can point the way to more profitability (read: selective revival of back-list titles, for instance). Second, they can help publishers understand what to do to be more attractive to authors. It’s probably also worth knowing what authors think in aggregate.
Read more of the Force interview here.

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The rest of the day’s top news:
Author Takes Traditional Team on Self-Publishing Journey (PW)
Brenda Peterson is a hybrid author. She recently rejected an offer from a traditional publishing house to self-publish her next title but she’s not going it alone. She has assembled around her a team of traditional publishing professionals to help her along the way.
Continuing War of Words Between Random House and SFWA (DBW)
In a strongly worded letter, the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America rejected entreaties by Random House to resolve the war of words between the two. Related: SFWA Condemns Random House Imprint Hydra | Random House Responds | Hydra is Appropriately Named.

Used Ebook Marketplace Gaining Steam as Apple Jumps in (DBW)
Apple has joined Amazon in the quest to build a marketplace for used digital content. The company filed a patent last week for a system of buying and selling used digital goods.
Lynch’s Bonus (Pub Lunch)
Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch is receiving a $1.8 million bonus for his role in raising about $700 million in investment last year. He is also receiving more B&N stock. For those of you who may think it’s not deserved  because of the company’s poor performance, these kinds of bonuses are common as a reward for raising capital.
Pulling Out All the Stops (DBW)
Barnes & Noble is promoting its Nook platform and devices by offering some of its paid apps for free on Fridays.
What Readers Want (Crunchy Roll)
The Japanese Agency of Cultural Affairs conducted an experiment to figure out what ebooks people wanted to read most. Spoiler: It’s erotic fiction.
Back From the Dead (DBW)
HarperCollins Christian – the new division formed when Thomas Nelson and Zondervan, the Nos. 1 and 2 Christian publishers in the U.S., were merged July last year – is reviving two old Thomas Nelson Imprints.  
Ebooks Have Finally Arrived (Irish Times)
How you know something has finally, truly arrived: The Irish Times will publish a regular column on the “rise and rise” of the ebook.
Penguin Steps (Pub Lunch)
Another small step toward Random-Penguin becoming reality: Australia’s regulators have approved the merger.
Penguin’s Tongue-in-Cheek Digital Awards (DBW)
Penguin’s David Awards are known as “one of publishing’s…awards.” They honor the best in digital and video at Penguin. See the winners here.
Holding Hands to Make Readers Pay for Content (paidContent)
New York Times columnist David Carr describes his experience with his employer’s paywall as “holding hands” with some of the other big names at the paper. Readers who want to read one of them have to help support all of them. On the one hand, when publishers all hold hands, it’s called collusion; on the other, no more favorable hand, even if publishers did stand together in charging for content, there’s a growing body of self-published free ebook content.

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