Tracking Down Ebook Prices

ebook best-seller pricing aug 2012 to nov 2013 - price spikesIn the 15 months since we started tracking the average price of a best-selling ebook, prices have generally gone in one direction: down.

Why? A combination of factors: retailer discounting; publisher price experimentation; and the rise of self-published best-sellers.

However, recently there have been some spikes in ebook prices.

Explanations provided (with charts, too!).

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The rest of the day’s top news:


Going Local on a Global Scale (DBW)
How do you sell huge numbers of ebooks around the world? You go hyper-local – but on a global scale. Kobo has made an art of this. Learn how.


Learning to Love Amazon (
Many in the publishing industry have little love for Amazon, but they should change their tune, writes one columnist. Publishers and booksellers should learn from Amazon and then try to beat it.

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Redmayne: Publishers Need to Beat Other Media (The Guardian)
Speaking at the FutureBook conference, HarperCollins UK CEO Charlie Redmayne says that publishers need to best other digital media and lead the world in storytelling again.


Publishers Should Make Better Ebooks (The Guardian)
London’s FutureBook made one Guardian reporter think about the state of ebooks today. Upon reading one, he found many careless formatting issues and demands better.


Publishers Spiraling Down the Drain? Actually, No (Idealog)
Publishing consultant and Digital Book World conference chairman Mike Shatzkin was recently accused of saying that publishers are circling the proverbial drain. Well, they’re not and he never said that, he insists.


Libraries: Ebooks Still Ripoff (Library Journal)
With prices for some ebooks for libraries sky high, the Annoyed Librarian asks why libraries are bending over backward to offer them? Related: One Library’s Dance With Fifty Shades…$24,000 Later….


Innovative Raccah Named Most Inspiring (DBW)
Innovative Sourcebooks CEO Dominique Raccah has been named by FutureBook as the most inspiring digital publishing person of 2013. Related: Raccah on Ebook Personalization.

Hear Raccah speak at Digital Book World 2014 about experimenting and learning from failure. Register today!


More Interactive Shakespeare (DBW)
One of English literature’s oldest and most celebrated writers is getting a lot of digital attention. Simon & Schuster now has an interactive Shakespeare app to compete with Sourcebooks’ efforts with the Shakesperience.


New Forms of Digital Text (DBW)
Hypertext gets all the glory in the world of the Web, but what about “Stretchtext,” or multiple versions of a text with varying levels of detail depending on how granular a reader wants to get? Read more.


Scholastic Gets Collaborative (DBW)
As part of its marketing efforts, Scholastic has booked two best-selling authors to collaboratively create a story together live, on stage (and via webcast).


LexisNexis Launches Ebook Collection (WSJ – PR)
Information provider LexisNexis has partnered with Follett’s higher education group to offer a legal ebook collection to its users.

The latest trends, reports and stats on the higher education publishing market, all here, all in one day. Learn more.


MOOCs All Hype? (The Bookseller)
MOOCs (massive open online courses) are all the rage in higher education right now, but is the rage justified? Some say it will die down.


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