Top Ten Ebook and Digital Book Publishing Stories of 2013

top tenBefore we officially move on to 2014, let’s take stock in the year that was. From the new rules on ebook pricing for the largest publishers to the continue rise of indie authors to new technology and innovative publishing projects, 2013 was quite a year in the industry.

If you’re a consistent Digital Book World reader, you know the drill from last year: We take a look at the ten most popular stores on Digital Book World from the past year, going from ten to one.

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Without further ado:

10. Self-Published Ebooks Are Nos. 1 and 2 Best-Sellers, Average Price Drops to All-Time Low (4/23/13)

For the first time ever, self-published ebooks were Nos. 1 and 2 on the DBW Ebook Best-Seller List. While these two books alone didn’t cause the average price of a best-selling ebook to drop to all-time lows, their prominence on a list with front-list titles from big publishers at such low prices ($0.99 a piece) sent a message.


9. Top Ten Book Recommendation Platforms (8/20/13)

How readers discover new books in a world of dwindling bookshelf space and an ever-more-dominant Amazon is a pressing concern for publishers, authors and agents alike. Most readers don’t have to worry so much about what they’ll read next — except power readers, who read so many books every year that they sometimes have trouble finding new good ones.

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8. Best-Selling Self-Published Author Jennifer L. Armentrout Signs Six-Figure, Three-Book Deal With HarperCollins for Wait for You (3/19/13)

The book publishing world watched in awe as best-selling self-published authors signed huge deals with big publishers after their indie efforts proved successful among readers. This Digital Book World scoop and interview with the author gave an inside look at how the trend was developing.


7. Visualizing the Data of Stephen King (5/24/13)

Data is becoming ever more important in book publishing — and not just data what books are selling, what consumers want and how marketing works, but also data on themes, characters and trends in storytelling. It might seem like a Sisyphean task, but stories can actually be turned into numbers.

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6. How to Sell Ebooks: Five Proven Tips (7/9/13)

No matter what changes in publishing industry, there will always be a thirst for what works and what doesn’t when it comes to selling content.


5. How Much Money Do Self-Published Authors Make? (12/4/13)

In short, not much — that is, most self-published authors don’t make much money doing it. There are some who do very well financially, however, and, besides, making money is not even close to the most popular reason that authors publish books.

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4. Best Apps for Reading Ebooks on the iPad for Power Readers (9/19/13)

There are dozens of ebook reading apps out there. Which ones should publishers focus on building great content for? These ones.


3. Ebooks Are Actually Not Books — Schools Among First to Realize (3/18/13)

As schools make the transition from print books to ebooks in the classroom, they are starting to realize that there are some key differences between the two formats when it comes to both consumption and purchasing.


2. Barnes & Noble to Discontinue Nook Tablet Business, Continue With E-Readers (6/25/13)

Barnes & Noble stunned the publishing industry when it seemed for a brief moment like it would discontinue its hardware business. That turned into just stopping its tablet program. The company later backtracked further and is continuing to produce new tablets.


1. Top Ten Mistakes Writers Make When Publishing a Book (1/31/13)

With self-publishing continuing its rise in 2013, it’s no surprise that the top article on Digital Book World this year focused on authors and what not to do.

Thanks for reading Digital Book World this year. Your support has turned DBW into a lively and robust online community, one that’s much larger now than it was a year ago.

Want a little bit more? Check out our predictions for next year in ebooks and digital publishing: Ten Bold Predictions for Ebooks and Digital Publishing in 2014

Happy new year!

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