The Next Big Ebook Revolution?

subscribeAre ebook subscription platforms the next big thing?

Two launched this week: eReatah and Oyster. The former is a bit more like a book-of-the-month club and has a relatively high price point; and the latter is more like Spotify or Netflix. They both have signed on one of the largest U.S. publishers and both have created a lot of hoopla.

But the big question is, as it always is: Will consumers buy it? For most readers, people who only read a handful of books a year, these services may be too pricey and not make much sense. Of course, consumers don’t always do what’s in their best financial interest and many are willing to pay for things like convenience and image. Time will tell.

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Comparing Oyster and eReatah (The Digital Reader)
Haven’t heard enough about Oyster and eReatah this week? Well, there’s more! Compare the two side-by-side with this post.

The Amazon Timeline (DBW)
Starting from the early days of Kindle, this timeline tracks many of the important dates in the history of Amazon in the ebook business. The timing for this look back is particularly good considering Amazon just launched its latest ebook business model experiment (MatchBook) and it’s latest  e-reader (the new Kindle Paperwhite).

Judging Ebooks by Their Covers (DBW)
Metadata gets a lot of play in the book publishing world these days but the most important piece of metadata for books isn’t given nearly enough attention: covers. It’s the thing on the ebook page that most readers want to interact with and it brings them into the page to begin with. Learn more.

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Sourcebooks + Wattpad = Innovation (DBW)
Naperville, Ill.-based published Sourcebooks has formed a partnership with Toronto-based “YouTube for books” Wattpad to engage in some agile publishing and book promotion experiments.

Macmillan and Penguin to Pay $95 Million (DBW)
The U.S. states – including Minnesota – have agreed to a $95 million settlement with Macmillan and Penguin over the matter of ebook price fixing.

Every Book Needs a Soundtrack? (DBW)
A new start-up makes it relatively easy to add a soundtrack to ebooks. It’s primarily geared toward indie authors.

Another Side Effect of the Ebook Revolution (Pub Perspectives)
Digital innovation in publishing is precipitating academic institutions acquiring the archives of writers and literary institutions sooner than normal.

The Rise of Hybrid Authors (MediaShift)
Another look at how the landscape is changing for authors and publishers.


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