The New Wave of Publishers

fishbowlsA new wave of publishing companies is coming and it’s made up of companies that don’t look anything like the publishers you’re used to.

Here are some of them:
— The Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers
— LINE, a mobile chat platform
— The Toronto Star, a newspaper

Many companies that are not book publishers – though some of them are in other corners of media – are starting serious book publishing operations. The new publishers mentioned above are just this week’s crop. Every week brings more as more companies notice the low barrier to entry for ebooks and see the possible benefits: revenue, promotion and burnishing their reputation, especially when it comes to subject matter expertise.

What does this mean for trade publishing? Well, for one thing, in the future, most people working on publishing books may not be working at publishing companies.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

Spanish Ebook Retailer BajaLibros Comes to U.S. (DBW)
The site, which claims to be the largest retailer of Spanish-language ebooks, launched in the U.S. yesterday.

Smashwords Expands Focus Internationally (Pub Perspectives)
With the expansion of self-publishing internationally, one of the leading self-publishing platforms, Smashwords, is starting to cater to authors who publish in languages other than English.

Bowker Goes Mobile (DBW)
Bowker has released a new mobile app dubbed BookWire from which users can check book stats when they’re on the go.

More Bowker News (DBW)
Bowker is helping revamp the popular academic library collection development tool RCL.

Obama Budget ups Funding for Library Technology (DBW)
The proposed federal budget coming out of President Obama’s office has increased the allocation of money for library technology nationwide. The increase is under 2% from last year but given the direction library funding has been going for a long time, that’s a welcome number.

New UK E-Singles Subscription Site (paidContent)
The founder of UK book chain Waterstones is one of the players behind Read Petite, a new e-singles subscription site to launch this fall. It’s unclear why there have been so many of these popping up when the format (short-form ebook content) has failed to take off and the model (subscriptions) is still in the early experimental stages for general interest content.

The K-12 Market: Common Core (PW)
In an event held yesterday, panelists explained what the Common Core State Standards are and what publishers can do to capitalize.

Oceanhouse Launches New Dr. Seuss Ebook App (DBW)
The new app contains eight titles from the children’s bard and integrates seamlessly into the Dr. Seuss Bookshelf app the company launched late last year.

Romance Writers of America’s New Online Author Chat Series (DBW)
The Romance Writers of America is launching a new online chat series for its award-winning authors. The technology is powered by Shindig.

New ‘Text-Book’ App Not What It Sounds Like (DBW)
Moving in the opposite direction: A new app will take your text message conversations and turn them into a printed book.

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