The Lowdown on Book Production Workflow

workflowWhen it comes to the book publishing industry, ebooks have changed everything.

One of the areas of most notable change is how publishers produce both print books and ebooks. From the acquisition phase all the way through to finished output – going to printers or to ebook retailers – everything has been altered.

In a short Q&A, the biggest changes are explained by Matt LeBlanc , director of digital workflow at F+W Media (which owns and operates Digital Book World and is the publisher of this newsletter).

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The rest of the day’s top news:


Amazon Counts Down to Purchase (DBW)
Through a new promotion, Amazon will allow publishers and authors that go exclusive with the Kindle store to offer special price promotions on books that expire per a timer visible to consumers on the book sell page. Crafty. Related: Why Amazon Is So Tough to Beat.


Six Ways Amazon Expanded (Globe and Mail)
A history of Amazon’s e-commerce expansion. First stop: Dominate books.


HarperCollins Experiments With Ebook Bundling in UK (The Bookseller)
Foyles, a bookseller in the UK, will retail eight HarperCollins titles shrink-wrapped with a voucher for the EPUB version of the title.


Publishers Surviving? (The Motley Fool)
How are publicly traded publishers doing in the ebook era? Just fine, according to one investment analyst.


Big Idea at Books in Browsers (Pub Perspectives)
To “hack” books, which is defined in this story as, “to electronically intercede, if you like, in a book’s text and/or ideas.” Take that as you will.


An Argument to Keep Kids in Print (News Times)
New research conducted over two decades and reported on in Scientific American suggests that people retain and remember things they read in print better than what they read on screens.

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Ebook Rant (Pub Perspectives)
One ebook insider rants at the publishing industry’s seeming lack of understanding of its consumers – not bookstores, readers, that is.


Verizon Jumps Into Tablet Business (The Digital Reader)
Like every other company with even a toe in telecommunications or digital content, Verizon is releasing its own seven-inch tablet.


Ebook Readers Rejoice: FAA Relaxes Rules (DBW)
The Federal Aviation Administration has changed its most annoying rule: the one that turned flight attendants into scolding school teachers and ebook-passengers into disobedient pupils. That’s right, starting soon, maybe on your next flight, you’ll be able to keep that e-reader, tablet or phone fired up during the ten minutes at takeoff and landing (or, more accurately, while the plane is aloft below 10,000 feet). Talking on the phone still isn’t allowed, thank goodness.

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