The Evolving U.S. Classroom: Changed by Technology

shutterstock_141206683A new report out from International Data Corporation says that tablet shipments to schools more than doubled in 2012 and that the momentum will continue into 2013 as more schools adopt digital.
For book publishers, this means that the opportunity to sell content into schools is shifting into digital and will continue to do so. To understand what that means for content creation and sales and marketing, it’s important to understand how the tablet itself will change the classroom.
From personalized learning to new kinds of assessments, there’s a lot to take in.
Here are the top five ways the shift to tablets is creating a sea change in the nation’s classrooms.

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The rest of the day’s top news:
DOJ/Apple: It’s All About Barnes & Noble (Fortune)
Barnes & Noble took center stage at the final day of testimony for the much-watched Apple ebook price-fixing trial. Nook’s vice president of digital content Theresa Horner was a star witness for Apple, helping bolster Apple’s assertions about the state of play in the ebook market in 2010. Closing arguments will be heard today.
DOJ/Apple: Issues ‘Shifted,’ Judge Said (PW)
Indicating that Apple has a chance to win the trial, Judge Denise Cote said at the end of the day’s testimony that the issues in the trial “have somewhat shifted,” contrasting with her pre-trial comments that seemed to indicate she believed the government would win.
Zola: Social Retailer, Publisher to Launch in September (DBW)
By September, Zola will be a full-fledged ebook retailer, the company said. It will also have published at least its sixth ebook, titles that will be available exclusively on the new platform.  
Opportunities and Obstacles for Women in Book Publishing (DBW)
Senior executives from Scholastic, F+W Media, HarperCollins and Hachette shared their stories and insights with nearly 150 publishing professionals – both at Workman Publishing and virtually – during a cocktail party and panel discussion. Read more about this inspirational event.
Manage Like It’s California (Pub Perspectives)
One management expert says publishing companies should take a page out of Silicon Valley’s playbook when it comes to managing talent.
Tech Vendors Driving Innovation in Publishing in 2013 (DBW)
Technology service vendors are helping to drive innovation in digital publishing this year. DBW’s new conference addresses this notion.
Storia: More Awards (DBW)
One way to score a battle victory in the children’s platform wars is to win awards. Scholastic’s Storia picked up two more this week. Related: Kindle Free Time Announces New Content From Disney and Others.
Springer Sold After All (Reuters)
After threatening to take the company public instead, investors EQT and Government of Singapore Investment Corporation have ended up selling German publisher Springer Science to BC Partners for €3.3 billion ($4.4 billion) after all.
Publishing in Pakistan (Pub Perspectives)
A publishing company in a country that may not have the same freedom of expression laws enjoyed in much of the Western world and that has going through political strife and turmoil is like an oasis in a desert.
Where Self-Published Ebooks Come From (Catherine, Caffeinated)
Part two of this series tackles the thorny issue of marketing and discovery. We do, too.

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