The Creative Talent Behind Digital Enhancement

shutterstock_142161178Ebook narration, app content, social media PR and marketing initiatives all call for teams of creative professionals that know how to effectively engage consumers and bring digital enhancements to life.

DBW spoke with one such professional, the accomplished voice over artist Shira Adler, to find out more about what goes into these enhancement and how the production teams ensure that the resulting multimedia content resonates with consumers.

“Creating cross-promotional digital media synergy in conjunction with authors’ landing pages is essential these days. That’s where the market has expanded to allow producers and production companies to reach out and create video and VO content to promote the books,” explained Adler.

When asked if these multimedia initiates were feasible for traditionally published and entrepreneurial authors alike, Adler replied, “Absolutely. There are economic ways to develop a simple app and no shortage of production companies and social media gurus who can help you do it.”

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The rest of the day’s top news:

Turning Film Scripts in to Ebooks (Independent Publisher)
Script Lit eBooks has published one title in it’s first two months and has others on the way. The publisher, which repurposes unproduced film scripts as $2.99 ebooks, is seeking high-profile actors to voice the audiobook versions and isn’t ruling out the possibility that these ebooks will go on to become films.

Why Fan Fiction Can Help an Iconic Author (DBW)
Fan fiction keeps enthusiastic reader communities engaged with the books and characters they love. The recently launched Kindle Worlds project has partnered with The Kurt Vonnegut Trust and Rosetta Books to get his fans writing and help market his extensive backlist.

The Copyright Clearance Center Talks Scholarly Publishing (Scholarly Kitchen)
The Center is working on new projects like improved access to scholarly books and print media for the K-12 common core, the transition to Open Access and much more.

Scholarly Publishers Testing Open-Access Monographs (Research Information)
Some publishers are offering free digital versions of monographs while other groups favor partnership or consortium OA publishing models. As a result of these experiments funding for scholarly publishing is changing.

Booksellers in China Adapt to Digital Market (
To remain competitive with the growing digital book market, bookstores in China are specializing to serve the communities they know best.

Chegg Files for IPO (TechCrunch)
The textbook rental company that also offers e-textbooks and its own web-based e-reader filed for a $150 million IPO this week.

Next Phase of Apple’s DOJ Trail Set for May 2014 (c|net)
This next trial will establish what damages Apple owes for its role in the ebook price-fixing conspiracy.

Macmillan Titles Available to Canadian Public Libraries (OverDrive)
OverDrive announced this week that 1,600+ ebooks from the publisher are now available to Canadian libraries to lend for either 2 years or 52 checkouts, which ever comes first.

Ebook Watermarking Tracks Piracy (TorrentFreak)
A new agreement means that vendors using the eBoekhuis platform will share customer data with copyright holders and BREIN, an anti-piracy group. If needed, BREIN can match a particular copy of an ebook to its original purchaser.

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