The Calm Before the Storm

Regular readers of this newsletter know these two things:
1. We often use this top portion to do a little bit of editorializing.
2. Our annual conference, Digital Book World Conference + Expo is next week.
So, here goes. If you’ve ever been a part of putting a conference together you know that it takes the hard work and dedication from a large group of people. There are so many moving parts and so much could go wrong.
But you learn a lot, like what might happen in ebooks and digital publishing in 2013, why ebook prices are plummeting, what authors really want from publishers and much more. There are so many interesting pieces of information that we want to share with you right now that will come out of the conference – on the topics above and others.
We hope that you come. If you are unable to, continue to follow along at and we’ll try to keep you posted.
Apologies for this brief interlude of company business. Now, back to the news.

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The rest of the day’s top news:
Amazon to Give Ebooks Away? (Mashable)
In short, no. But there was a moment of speculation around the concept when the company announced yesterday that it would give customers who bought CDs the MP3 files in addition to the physical purchase. It was thought that perhaps Amazon would give away Kindle files to those who purchase physical books through the site. The thought was quickly dispelled.  
Turning the Publishing Model Upside Down (paidContent)
Fifty Shades of Grey will be published as a hardcover book in the U.S. this year, officially turning what was thought to be the traditional publishing cycle (hardcover first) on its head.
Scholastic to Build on Transmedia Success With New Series (DBW)
Building on the success of transmedia epics 39 Clues and Infinity Ring, Scholastic has announced a new transmedia fantasy series.  
It’s a New World. Join Us in It (DBW)
There’s a whole new language around book publishing – and it’s all about technical acronyms like XML and EPUB 3 as well as new media marketing and distribution terms…and more. Come learn it.
More Trends to Watch (Pub Perspectives)
From mergers to international expansion; from apps to #socialmedia, here are some more trends to watch in 2013.
Ebook Series Experiment (PW)
Macmillan is releasing The Human Division, the latest novel by John Scalzi, in ebook episodes for $0.99 each prior to the release of the hardcover and ebook editions of the book in May. The episodes will start on Jan. 15 and will come out once a week. Additional, exclusive content will be available for the official release.
The Sound of Silence on Holiday Ebook Sales (Pub Lunch)
It’s the story nobody has reported yet: Post-holiday ebook sales aren’t what the publishing industry is used to after several winters of exponential growth. Further, no device maker has yet to report booming holiday sales. That said, Apple is scheduled to check in on Jan. 23.
Who’s Who in Publishing (Pub Trends)
Left your contact list on your other laptop? Left your rolodex in the 1990s? No problem – just use this handy publisher contact sheet.
McGraw-Hill Expands Digital Offering to Libraries (DBW)
McGraw-Hill is offering libraries a new way to purchase titles from its McGraw-Hill eBook Library of nearly 2,000 titles.
Open Source Textbooks Given Bigger Platform (The Digital Reader)
Open source textbooks from the 20 Million Minds Foundation haven’t really taken off with students or teachers. But they have another chance to make it into classrooms through a new partnership.
E-Textbooks Still Unpopular With Students (JCOnline)
Despite their convenience and lower cost, students are still rejecting e-textbooks in favor of printed ones in overwhelming numbers.
Tips for Effective Email Marketing (The Durable Human)
Believe it or not, email marketing still works. For publishers looking to build more direct-to-consumer marketing channels, here are some tips about how to do it right.  

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