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shutterstock_103051739It’s almost too simple: If you understand who the reader is, what they want and what they do, you can easily send them a compelling message at the right moment to give yourself a good chance at selling them a book.
Or, put another way, it’s all about demographics, psychographics and consumer behavior. Each is important on its own but with huge limitations.
Demographics (knowing a reader’s age, income and other data) give you an idea of which direction to shoot your marketing message. Psychographics helps you refine that messaging to better target your readers within that general direction. And when you have a good understanding of consumer behavior, you can take that refined message and that general direction and find exactly where your ideal reader is going to be and get to them then.
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The rest of the day’s top news:

Announcing DBW 2014! (DBW)
This January is Digital Book World’s fifth anniversary and this year’s conference is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet. “The Oracle of Silicon Valley,” Tim O’Reilly, headlines a star-studded speaker lineup. Read more.
Oyster Going Android (The Digital Reader)
The iPhone-only ebook subscription app said at launch that an Android version was planned for the fall. The company is now hiring to fulfill that promise.
Grappling With an Ebooks/Print-Book World (PW)
As the world’s largest publisher, Penguin Random House, continues its integration, we’re learning that it’s evolving its view on how to interact with printing companies. Print isn’t dead, a company spokesperson said, but print runs are evolving.
Random House Partners With Flipboard on Branded Magazines (DBW)
Game of Thrones now has its own Flipboard digital magazine as does MaddAddam, a Margaret Atwood series. The idea is to keep avid fans engaged with the brands even when they’re not reading the books.
3M Partners With Established Library Vendor (DBW)
Library vendor 3M Library Systems has partnered with Innovative Interfaces, a popular digital library vendor, likely in hopes to make more inroads into the U.S. library ebook market, which is mostly dominated by competitor OverDrive.
Alternate Reality Storytelling (Pub Perspectives)
From the early days of the epic, storytelling has always been participatory. But Homer could scarcely have predicted what form that is taking today.
Barnes & Noble’s Tablet Keyboard (The Digital Reader)
One of the goodies that B&N may be planning to announce this month as part of its new line of devices is a blue-tooth enabled keyboard to go with its latest tablet. Read: wireless keyboard.
In Case You Missed It: App Marketing Webcast (DBW)
Launching an app into the app store is treacherous business. You spend months laboring on your book app, making it flawless and then you upload it to the store where it will promptly begin not being discovered by readers.  But there are things you can do to nudge the right readers toward your perfect creation. Learn more.


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