Textbook Publisher Flannery Launches E-Reading Platform, Digital Cerebrum

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Flannery Company Announces eReading Platform, Digital Cerebrum

California-based textbook distributor, Flannery Company, has announced the release of a new eReading platform designed specifically with school administration, teachers, and students in mind. Digital Cerebrum is the culmination of intense research into schools’ needs for a streamlined eBook solution, as well as over 60 years of experience working with schools to meet textbook needs on a case-by-case basis. Digital Cerebrum broadens the future of education by making eBooks available and affordable with its adaptable platform. Free beta test accounts are available to schools that request to be included in the testing process. Each beta test account will include access for up to 30 student accounts.

eReading Experience

With Digital Cerebrum, students can easily flip through full-color pages by clicking or swiping, quickly highlight key words and phrases for review, or zoom in for a closer look. Digital Cerebrum makes it possible to look up words and phrases instantly in the dictionary, on Google, or on Wikipedia. Students will be able to search entire books for words and key phrases, as well as bookmark pages for later review. With Digital Cerebrum, students can translate passages into more than 20 languages with just the click of a button. Reading a Digital Cerebrum eBook is a unique experience. In fact, students may even forget they are reading a digital textbook, because the eBook version never compromises the design, quality or information contained in the printed book.

Use on Any Device

Digital Cerebrum can easily adapt to any screen size, including desktop computers, tablets, laptops and more. The device must have an internet browser and connection, however. Schools will not be required to purchase upgraded devices or buy any new software in order to use the eReading platform. Digital Cerebrum includes instant access to all of the textbooks and learning tools students need, resulting in seamless, hassle-free eBook integration for every school.

Work with Classmates

Digital Cerebrum gives students the ability to develop and share text, audio and video notes. Students can post these notes via Facebook or Twitter, or share them through email. Digital Cerebrum makes it incredibly easy to ask questions and develop deeper, more engaged learning outside of the classroom. Teachers can create groups to allow students to stay organized and to easily interact with each of their classes. Students will also have the ability to organize their notes into personal study guides to prepare for papers, texts and exams.

For many decades, the team behind Digital Cerebrum has been providing textbook services and solutions to schools all across the country. Through long-standing relationships with publishers, Digital Cerebrum plans to offer thousands of textbooks in digital form for schools to license on an individual basis, as well as many free titles. Digital Cerebrum is the ideal tool to help any school make the digital book transition.

“As was key with Flannery Company and MySchoolBookstore.com’s success, Digital Cerebrum will streamline the eBook ordering process for schools. Although other platforms and vendors exist, none provide a seamless, robust, consistent online reading experience with interactive capabilities. We’ve spoken to many schools that have made or are making the transition to eBooks only to find out that sourcing content is tedious. With Digital Cerebrum, our staff brings decades of experience in solving these challenges.” Danny Contreras, CEO.

Students and school administrators can purchase eBooks directly through Flannery Company, or through MySchoolBookstore.com, the company’s online bookstore solution. For more information, please visit www.digitalcerebrum.com/launch.


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