Sylvia Day Surpasses Six Million Copies Sold on Crossfire Series, Many of Them Ebooks

She’s no E.L. James, but self-published sensation Sylvia Day is still making a lot of money for herself and her publisher, Penguin. Her books in the Crossfire series have sold a combined six million copies worldwide, according to a press release set to hit the newswires tomorrow.

While Digital Book World has as of yet been unable to acquire a full breakdown of how many of those copies were print and how many were ebooks, a spokesperson for Day has pointed out that her mega-hit Reflected in You sold 289,000 ebook copies its first week out while the paperback version sold 100,000 copies (they were not released in the same week). Her title Bared to You started as a self-published title and sold 100,000 copies before being acquired by Penguin.

While it’s usually a bad idea to speculate, it’s a pretty safe assumption that she has sold more ebook copies of her work than print copies.

Day has been a mainstay on the Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller list for the past five months.


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