StudyOutloud Launches New Learning App

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New Back-to-School App Converts Outlines & Notes to Audio – Study Anywhere!
OutlinesOutloud for iPhone Provides Smart Text-to-Speech Conversion, Rewind, Fast Forward & More

PACIFIC PALISADES, CA (August 13, 2013) – Kids today are tethered to their smartphones for everything from texting to listening to their playlists du jour, so why shouldn’t they be able to study the same way? Now they can with OutlinesOutloud, a new $4.99 iPhone app from StudyOutloud LLC that converts outlines, class notes, vocabulary lists and other material to spoken audio faster than you can say “Mom, I’ve got a test tomorrow!” – then lets users view and listen to the content in any way that suits their study needs.

Students can rewind and fast-forward, or start audio playback at any point simply by tapping on the appropriate line in the app’s text view. (The app intelligently knows where to start the replay for rewind or fast-forward commands.). They can also loop, pause, skip and customize playback to include or exclude specific sections – all with a tap or a swipe. No other text-to-speech program combines the power of interacting with text with the ease of using a music player.

The process is simple. First, create the content on a PC or Mac using OmniOutliner, OPML Editor or any other outlining application that saves the text in OPML format (most do – including several free online options). Then save the finished content to Dropbox or the iTunes iPhone Documents window. The content will appear on the user’s iPhone immediately, ready for listening.

It’s an easy and effective way to study anywhere and anytime – whatever the student’s learning style. Visual learners gain the benefit of an additional learning pathway that can help boost retention. Auditory learners who have a harder time studying from written notes or textbooks get what they need to help the lesson stick. And everyone gets the freedom to study without lugging around books or laptop. Just hit PLAY – and start learning.

OutlinesOutloud is available at

About StudyOutloud LLC
StudyOutloud is an educational software company dedicated specifically to developing audio-based learning solutions. Founded by an innovative mom looking for ways to help her own children succeed in school, StudyOutloud provides all students with tools to learn faster and more easily. OutlinesOutloud is the company’s first release; additional titles are in development.


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