StoryToys Launches Kids Ebook Bookshelf App

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StoryToys Launches Grimm’s Bookshelf, a Free App That Lets Readers Browse Before Buying
New Bookshelf app organizes StoryToys’ library in one convenient place

StoryToys, a leading publisher of award-winning interactive books and games for children, has launched Grimm’s Bookshelf, a convenient free new app that organizes all of StoryToys’ titles in one location, and makes it easy for shoppers to browse before buying. The Bookshelf is now available on the Apple App Store™ and on Google Play™ for Android phone and tablet users.

Grimm’s Bookshelf includes sample text and a free game from each book in StoryToys’ collection, giving readers the opportunity to experience one of the many magical 3D interactive pop-up scenes. The free pop-up scenes are selected based on their popularity among StoryToys’ audience, and include searching for Mowgli in the jungle from “The Jungle Book,” playing a game of ping pong from “Beauty and the Beast,” and rescuing a sinking ship in “The Little Mermaid,” among many others. The app also provides the latest news about upcoming products, including sneak peeks and exclusive information about special offers and discounts.

“Just like customers experience in a physical bookshop, we want to give our readers the opportunity to peruse the full range of our books and get a taste of the StoryToys experience without first having to buy,” said Barry O’Neill, chief executive officer of StoryToys. “Grimm’s Bookshelf presents the perfect opportunity for those discovering our products for the first time to try them out risk free, and makes it easy to locate, browse and download the books they’re interested in reading.”

Each book in the StoryToys collection is presented in full 3D, just like reading a real book, and features at least six interactive pop-up scenes with simple, fun tasks and games to perform. The books are beautifully illustrated with rich, colourful imagery, are fully narrated in a variety of languages by professional actors, and feature elegant musical scores that enhance the storytelling. Readers can choose from Read to Me, Read it Myself or Autoplay modes.

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