StorySticker Wants Parents to Read Print Books to Their Children Even When Away

Perhaps inspired by Sourcebooks’ children’s customized story platform Put Me in the Story, software company has launched StorySticker, a customized children’s audio book platform. StorySticker allows parents to record their reading of children’s books and then place a customized sticker in the inside cover of the book that forever links that recording with that physical book.

While vastly different from the Put Me in the Story platform, which puts the child into a digital book, both aim at customizing reading experiences for children. And there are other platforms out there that allow parents to record themselves reading along with a children’s book for when they are separated from their children, like A Story Before Bed.

A new grant from the National Science Foundation given to children’s platform and publisher Ruckus Media aims to build technology that will allow parents and children to read digital books together even when they’re apart. .

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Introducing StorySticker, the Next Generation of Customized Children’s Audio Book Technology, LLC – built StorySticker turns any children’s book into a personal audio book, launches at BEA

Ann Arbor, MI based software company,, LLC today announced that it will launch it’s new StorySticker product line at BookExpo America in New York on May 30th at the Jacob Javits Center. StorySticker is the next generation of children’s audio book technology that enables anyone to create their own personal children’s audio book for the little ones in their life.

“The joy of reading a physical book with a child is universal,” said Mike Newman, President of, LLC. “StorySticker creates that joy for out of town grandparents and traveling parents – anytime, anywhere. With StorySticker, any children’s book can become a personal audio book.”

StorySticker makes recording any children’s book simple, easy and fun. The StorySticker audio book works through the combination of a free mobile app (available for Android, iPhone and iPad) or the StorySticker website and a unique coded sticker that attaches to the inside of any children’s book. Any adult who wants to record themselves reading a children’s book can purchase the stickers at a retail bookseller and follow the fun and easy prompts in the app to record an audio book. The recording is forever linked with their StorySticker which is then placed in the book itself. The personal audio book is played back by scanning the StorySticker code or selecting the book from your app library – and the child simply listens and follows along!

StorySticker recordings are saved for a lifetime, turning the book into a family keepsake. “The response and participation we’ve had from parents, grandparents, retailers – and children – during the development of StorySticker has been overwhelming,” Mike Newman added. “Reading real, physical books to children is so important to parents and we’ve created a product that keeps the focus on the physical book, not the digital screen.”

StorySticker will be available at retail booksellers and gift stores across the US and Canada this summer. If you would like a sample please email:


About, LLC
StorySticker was developed by, LLC, the innovative developer of products and services that empower individuals to connect their digital and physical worlds. products are available online ( and through retailers across the United States and Canada. also partners with leading consumer-products companies, including CSS Industries and the McCall Pattern Company. They are headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI.


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