Start-up EZBuyButton Promises Easier Purchase Process for Readers to Buy Direct From Publishers, Authors

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EZBuyButton Streamlines the eBook Purchase Process for Authors and Publishers with Seamless Website Integration

The EZBuyButton widget is poised to revolutionize the world of online book sales, especially for independent authors and publishers. The EZBuyButton widget eliminates the frustration of losing customers at the point of sale because there’s no straightforward “Buy Now” button, allowing customers to select their device and preferred retail store, all without needless searching.

For eBook authors selling their books on personal websites, matching individual customers with the correct text format of their preferred device has been an onerous challenge. Until recently, finding the proper format often involved a great deal of clicking and searching. Even when customers find the format to match their device, they can’t always find a link to their online retailer of choice. It’s little wonder so many independent authors and publishers bemoan their poor conversion rates. The EZBuyButton widget provides an immediate, foolproof solution to all of these issues.

“As a self-published author, I was frustrated by low sales numbers, despite bringing ample traffic to my website,” says Jay Siva, founder of “After doing some research, I realized that I was losing sales at the point of purchase. I wasn’t providing the necessary options to meet the needs of all the various devices on the market today, nor was I catering to international visitors. That was the epiphany that led me to design the EZBuyButton widget.”

The EZBuyButton is a completely free widget that allows users to choose from among five different widget styles and simply copy and paste a segment of code into their blog or website. Visitors will then see a “Buy Now” button attached to each book title. Clicking the button activates two drop-down menus — one for device selection, the other for store selection — allowing users to buy the books they want easily in their desired format and from their preferred store. The widget even geolocates so customers are automatically routed to the retail store specific to their country, eliminating a common hurdle for international purchasers. From the author’s perspective, the rewards are immediate. Plus, the EZBuyButton widget provides real-time data on how many people are clicking on the button, the devices and retailers they prefer, as well as where they are located.

Interested authors and publishers are encouraged to sign up for an account at There’s no obligation or cost, and the site guarantees that users’ privacy will be protected. In addition, there is no limit to the number of widgets that users can insert into their blogs and websites.

Siva hopes the EZBuyButton widget will let more authors reach potential readers. “I will continue to improve on and bring out new widgets,” says Siva. “Whatever I can do to help veterans and up-and-comers in the book industry market and sell their creative works.”

Learn more about the widget at the official website:


The EZBuyButton widget is the product of Jay Siva, a self-published author who makes his residence in Toronto, Ontario. The EZBuyButton website officially launched on November 30, 2012. Siva has published four books, during which time he became aware of the technical difficulties in turning blog visitors into book buyers.

2 thoughts on “Start-up EZBuyButton Promises Easier Purchase Process for Readers to Buy Direct From Publishers, Authors

  1. Michael W. Perry

    Alas, I was delighted by this idea until I read the FAQ. Users have to hand enter the links to all the stores they want to have included, including Amazon’s overseas ones.

    Hey, even I know that for most of these stores there’s a way to insert a book’s ISBN into a standard web address to get to that book’s page. All we should have to supply Ezybutton is either a master ISBN, common with some books, are the ISBN’s for the various formats. I publish to almost every online retail on the planet with four ISBNs. That’s all I should need to enter.

    Locating and hand entering those address ‘don’t save no trouble.’ I’ve already got place holder text in a book web template that lets me search and replace with ISBNs in an instant. That’s easier than this approach and I get the Amazon kickback.

  2. Jay Siva

    Hello Michael Perry,

    This is something we are currently working on , we should have that feature available very soon. The ISBN will automatically pull up the retail store urls so you won’t have to type it in. I’ll post an update as soon as we have that feature available.

    kindest regards
    Jay Siva



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