Social Book Discovery and Recommendation App Riffle Launches

Social book discovery app Riffle has launched. Below is the text of an email sent to people who signed up early to learn more.

The app connects with your Facebook or Twitter account and creates a network of people for you to follow for book recommendations. After a short set-up process where you’re asked to list some of the genres and books you like, you are automatically set up following a list of influential book recommenders.

Click here to try it for yourself.


Word got out about Riffle and you are one of the earliest to sign up. We know that you’ve been on the list a long time and really appreciate that you’ve stayed with us.

We probably left you wondering why book sites take so long to launch. 🙂

Today, you can go to Riffle and sign in with either Twitter or Facebook. A few simple steps and you’ll be into the books.

You’ll notice that our book recommendations are created by real people (not algorithms), so please share the books you’re passionate about and check out the Lists.

As an early Riffler you’ll be influential in helping us establish an independent site for readers, librarians, bloggers, publishers and authors, so please talk to us.

What could Riffle do better for you? How can we make your life easier? If you are inclined, just shoot us an email at

We have a bunch of things in the pipeline that will let you express your opinions, make finding books easier and inspire people to find and read more books.

The fun is just beginning. Click here and go to Riffle now.

Thank you,
The Riffle team (Marquina, Sarah, Erica, Bryan and Neil)

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