Six Ways Barnes & Noble Can Save Itself

shutterstock_99472151Publishing industry observers rooting for the continued solvency of the nation’s largest bookstore chain are probably concerned that Barnes & Noble is struggling to grow its Nook device and ebook business while its physical bookstore business shrinks.
Nook is supposed to be the company’s white knight, but it’s floundering right now.
At least one industry observer and book lover hasn’t given up, Scott Shui, who has launched the website (slightly unsafe for work, depending on where you work). The site is based on an earlier effort,, where we found over a dozen suggestions to save the now-defunct chain. According to Shui, who we spoke with over Twitter, the Borders solutions still apply.
We listed our six favorite – and the most applicable. Here’s one to whet your appetite: “Management will be required to work shifts at different stores on a monthly basis to obtain in person employee and customer feedback.”
Sound crazy? Well, as they say in the movies, it’s crazy enough that it might just work. Read the rest here.
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Your iPad in the Bathroom (The Digital Reader)
This is real: A toilet paper stand that also holds your iPad. This could spell the end of the bathroom magazine rack (or bookshelf). Is nothing in the realm of reading sacred?!

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