Shift From E-Readers to Tablets Continues

Nearly half of ebook readers prefer to read on tablets and the number of readers who prefer a tablet is growing while the number who prefer a dedicated e-reader is shrinking, a new study shows.

According to the first edition of the fourth volume of the Consumers Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading survey from the Book Industry Study Group and Bowker, 44% of ebook readers prefer a tablet, up from 37% in Aug. 2012. At the same time 42% prefer to read on a dedicated e-reader, down from 49% in Aug. 2012.

The trend is set to continue as the number of readers who intend to purchase an e-reader dropped while the number who intend to purchase a tablet computer held steady.

“Like so many other changes in e-book consumption, the move toward tablets developed very rapidly,” said Angela Bole, BISG’s deputy executive director in a statement.

According to the study, ebooks are continuing to gain traction among readers. Some 82% of “power buyers” (those who buy ebooks on a weekly basis) say they prefer ebooks to print and 70% of all other readers say they prefer ebooks to print.

This edition of the study also reveals a correlation between the kinds of ebooks people read and the device they read them on. E-reader readers like fiction, mystery, literary fiction and romance over other ebooks. Those who prefer reading on their desktop or laptop computers prefer how-to guides and manuals. And smartphone readers were more likely to read travel books.

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2 thoughts on “Shift From E-Readers to Tablets Continues

  1. Jason

    How to guides and travel books? So in other words people that actually read stories, fiction or otherwise prefer to read on a e-reader and yet the sales for these are going down. Meanwhile tablets are going up in sales because of the high popularity of travel and how to guides? Something doesn’t add up there.

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