Selling More Books With Social Media

twitter-bird-blue-on-whiteAs we’ve all come to learn over the past few years, having success marketing on social media is a lot harder than it looks and can be less effective than it seems.
Nevertheless, a solid social media strategy is a must for anyone who wants to sell more books and one properly executed can lead to big gains, according to book marketing expert Peter McCarthy, formerly of Random House, Penguin and others.
To that end, he gives us five reasons to continue to invest time, effort and money into social media marketing for books.
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Related: McCarthy is the conference chair for the marketing portion of the upcoming Digital Book World Marketing & Publishing Services Conference + Expo. Learn more here.

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The rest of the day’s top news:
Ebook Price War in the UK (The Bookseller)
Nook has fired the first salvo in an ebook price war in the UK. It is discounting some of the most popular summer titles to £0.99 ($1.51); Amazon has moved to match. This isn’t the first the UK has seen in the way of price wars recently. Sony had tried to make a splash in the market with £0.20 ebooks; Amazon also matched prices. More from paidContent.
Digital Drives Profit Jump at Simon & Schuster (PW)
Profitable digital books helped nearly triple profits at Simon & Schuster in the second quarter. Ebook sales were up 39% and now account for 29% of overall revenue.
Simon & Schuster Creates New Marketing Position (DBW)
Gail Gonzales is the new director of integrated marketing at Simon & Schuster. She will oversee non-traditional marketing initiatives like video, themed author events and Web-based live events.
Ebook Royalties Dog Harlequin Earnings (DBW)
Profits were down fairly significantly at Harlequin in the first half of 2013 and higher ebook royalties is the culprit, the company says.  
Universities Push for E-Textbooks, Students Still Lukewarm (MN Daily)
While universities are pushing their students to go electronic when it comes to their textbooks, students still favor print. Still, administrators and professors seem confident that they’ll come around. Related: Students Still Not Taking to E-Textbooks, New Data Show.
VitalSource Expands (DBW)
Ingram’s e-textbook platform VitalSource will now be available in the Middle East and Africa through a new partner.
Smashwords: From Retailer to Distributor (TeleRead)
When Smashwords first launched, it was primarily an ebook retail site for self-published authors. Now it distributes to other larger retailers. Founder and CEO Mark Coker sits down with TeleRead to talk about it. Related: Coker Says Indie Authors Need to Become Great Publishers.
Four Ways to Go Around Amazon (Forbes)
Love selling gobs of books on Amazon but hate paying 30% for the privilege? Here are some ways to sell books without giving up that cut. Also, don’t forget Ganxy!

Want vs. Need (The Book Designer)
Many authors and book marketers approach the problem of getting a wide audience for a title by thinking that people “need” to read their book. But finding people who “want” to read the book is much more important, realistic and profitable.

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