Self-Publishing Driven by Erotica

shutterstock_62266030What proportion of self-published ebooks are “erotic”? According to a Digital Book World analysis, nearly a third.
Compare that with the roughly 1% of traditionally published ebooks that are “erotic.”

Considering that adult content is a main driver of Internet traffic worldwide, it may not be surprising that self-published authors have responded to this demand. What is surprising is that nearly 10% of this self-published erotic content contains themes of incest and bestiality, drawing outcries from readers around the world.

Last week, Amazon, Kobo and other leading ebook retailers started to deal with this problem. Based on the DBW analysis, it may be more widespread than previously thought and may need more than spot responses.

Read more, including charts and graphs visualizing the issue.

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A grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will provide eight libraries in Kenya with 250 e-readers to promote literacy in the African state.
Kobo Assures LGBT Community (DBW)
Following last week’s issues at Kobo with content that some people found objectionable, the ebook retailer has moved to reassure LGBT publishers that it would treat them fairly.
New Imprint at Bloomsbury (PW)
Sigma will publish books in the growing popular science category.
Hebrew-Language Ebook Retailer Launches (DBW)
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Where to Find Out of Print Books in Digital (Irish Times)
Ebooks have given new life to books previously out of print. But where are the best places to find these lost gems?

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