See You at Digital Book World?

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There’s nothing like face-to-face contact, talking with actual breathing, speaking, snorting, singing, handshaking humans.

Before I go on and get to the point of this post (there is one, I assure you), I should first tell you that I spend nearly 12 hours every day alone in front of a computer. The DBW nerve center isn’t completely free of people, of course. We have about 20-to-25 people in the F+W Media New York offices and we interact daily. You still might think that I write this desperate for human interaction. You are free to think that. Moving on.

I try to talk to as many people I can while working — on the phone, over Twitter, on Facebook and through email. I even make many face-to-face meetings that take me out of my building and into the offices of publishers, agents and others.

Still, as Digital Book World rolls around again — only a week away now — I find myself getting excited to experience what is the world’s largest bazaar of ideas about the future of ebooks and digital publishing.

Last year, my first year as editorial director of DBW, I knew next to nothing about the publishing industry and I knew almost nobody. The conference supercharged my industry intelligence and built my Rolodex. And for those two things, the conference was invaluable to me. But what I’m looking forward to and what I loved most about it last year was the exchange of ideas. The buzz was palpable and as a news-junky I practically live on the buzz.

Thing is, like the industry knowledge and the networking, the buzz can’t exist without one essential ingredient: you.

(For those cynics among you, I’ll wait until the eye rolls end.)

To date, we’re on track to have a record number of attendees at DBW 2013. But, like all conferences, most of the attendees register at the very last minute. So, there are still plenty of spots left. They’re going to fill up fast.

When they do, I’ll feel better that my precious buzz will happen next week — not that I’m having any real doubts. So, question is, will I see you at Digital Book World?

Regular Digital Book World readers will know that we’ve told you all about the conference every week for months now. For those few of you who might not know where to go to find out more, here is our conference website: See you there!


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