Rumor: Barnes & Noble to Rethink Digital Strategy

barnes and nobleAccording to “a person familiar with Barnes & Noble’s strategy,” the company is considering moving away from the device business and toward building its ebook and digital content business in partnership with other device manufacturers, the New York Times reported.
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Aside from that it’s hard to imagine a meaningful digital business for Barnes & Noble without the Nook (or some other flagship device), a company spokesperson told Digital Book World last night that B&N has no intention of discontinuing the Nook.
The device has a lot of momentum on its side from a corporate perspective: It has received nearly $700 million in investments from blue chip companies in the space over the past year (Microsoft and Pearson); Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch told investors in Nov. that the Nook business was the company’s future and would scale in 2013; and it generally represents hope for the future for a company that was considered by some dead on the vine when Amazon started building its Kindle business.
Problem? Nook sales are sagging even as its competitors are benefitting from a tablet device boom.
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