Readmill Launches New App for iPhone

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Readmill, the digital reading platform, has today announced the launch of its new app for iPhone, designed to create a seamless mobile reading experience for users. Readmill, which is already available as an app for iPad, has launched Readmill for iPhone to cater towards the growing number of people wanting to read ebooks via their smartphones, as well as synchronise their reading experience across devices.

Readmill for iPhone will enable users to enjoy a complete digital reading experience, including reading and accessing ebooks from their personal cloud library; highlighting and discussing interesting sections; connecting with other like-minded readers and discovering new ebooks, all via the convenience of their iPhone. In addition, the app also enables synchronisation between devices, so users can read via Readmill for iPad and then pick up where they left off via their smartphone if they’re out and about and travelling light.

Henrik Berggren co-founder and CEO of Readmill said: “Our aim is to give readers the most enjoyable reading experience possible, whether it’s reading via a tablet or a smartphone. We understand that in different situations readers require different tools, so when you’re reading and relaxing at home, you might use an iPad, whereas in more confined or busy places, or on the go, your iPhone may be preferred. We were finding that a growing number of our users wanted to read their ebooks in this way and the ability to read via a smartphone has been the most requested feature within our existing community to date – so this was a natural next step in development.”

For more information on Readmill or to download the iPhone app, just visit

In October, Readmill released a new edition of its iPad app to support Adobe DRM protected ePub and PDF formats, giving users access to a virtually unlimited range of ebooks and digital publications from some of the most popular online retailers, including Google Play and the Kobo store. The iPhone app will have the same access to this wide range of ebooks and publications.


More about Readmill
Readmill is a Berlin based company founded by Henrik Berggren and David Kjelkerud in December 2010 and officially launched in December 2011. Henrik and David met during their studies at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and after graduating, decided to launch Readmill as an answer to the lack of a ‘social layer’ for digital reading.

Readmill offers a reading experience, which is not only digital but also sharable. Users can store, read, recommend and discuss the ebooks they love, as well as highlight passages and discover comments, suggestions and ebooks from other like-minded readers, friends and even authors. Users can also store books on Readmill via cloud technology and keep lists of ebooks they want to read at a later date.


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