Quebec Bookstore Archambault Launches New Ebook, E-Reading Platform

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More than 160,000 eBooks with you everywhere
Archambault launches new free e-reading application

Archambault, Québec’s favorite bookstore1 and leading digital bookseller, today launched Archambault Reading, a new free application for tablets and smartphones that provides booklovers with access to more than 160,000 books of all kinds, including over 60,000 titles in English (to begin with). Readers can choose from thousands of comics, travel books, historical novels, biographies, children’s novels and more.

“As always, Archambault is exceeding its customers’ expectations,” said Donald Lizotte, President, Retail and Book Divisions, Quebecor Media. “With an unparalleled selection of more than 100,000 French eBooks, our new Archambault Reading application gives one-click access to the largest French-language digital bookstore in North America. We are confident that it will delight booklovers and convince readers to try the digital experience.”

Read anything, anywhere
Free and easy to use, Archambault Reading turns your smartphone or tablet into a pocket library, wherever you are. Regardless of the device used to download a book, Archambault Reading cloud syncing allows you to start reading on a smart phone, on the way to work, and continue on a tablet before bedtime. And no need of an Internet connection to read your books after downloading.

In addition, thanks to the HTML5 Reading web app, readers can manage their library on their computer and archive their books, create collections or remove a book. They can also browse all Archambault new releases and books with a “Like” label while being cloud-synced. It has never been easier to keep a library!

The new Archambault reading application adapts to the user’s preferences. Pages are displayed with great clarity, and the reading screen can be easily customized by changing the font or font size, adjusting the margin size or dimming the backlight screen for evening reading. In addition, users can annotate pages and read their notes on any of their devices through synchronization.

The Archambault Reading application can be downloaded for free from Google Play, iTunes and Availability on both Android and Apple platforms offers consumers a multitude of opportunities. Users can also get in-person help with the app and answers to their questions from sales staff at any Archambault store.
For a summary of Archambault Reading features and an overview of the marketing campaign, watch the long version of the ad:

The Archambault digital reading ecosystem has been developed and will be maintained by ReadBooks.
Archambault (, a Quebecor Media company, is a hub of cultural entertainment. Today, it is the largest record seller in Québec and a leading player in the retailing of books, DVDs, newspapers, magazines, musical instruments, sheet music and gifts. Through its website, Archambault is also one of the largest French-language virtual stores in North America, offering more than 100,000 eBooks in French and more than 3 million MP3 titles in French and English. Archambault currently has 15 stores across Québec, an online store, and the Paragraphe Bookstore in Montréal.

ReadBooks (, a subsidiary of Quebecor Media, develops and markets digital eBook white label solutions. Offering a catalog of more than 500,000 eBook titles in 5 languages, the ReadBooks ecosystem includes solutions for online eBookstores, eBook storage and distribution, and reading applications for Android devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

1. A hub of cultural entertainment since 1896, Archambault is proud to rank first in its industry among the 250 most respected companies in Québec, according to a recent Les Affaires / Léger survey. With a satisfaction rate of 78%, Archambault is Quebecers’ favorite bookstore.

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