PubMatch Teams up With BookWorks to Enhance Self-Publishers Trade Association

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PubMatch Pairs with BookWorks to Launch New Self-Publishers’ Association

PubMatch, the international rights organization co-owned by Publishers Weekly and Combined Book Exhibit (CBE), has teamed up with self-publishing association BookWorks to launch its Web site and invigorate global membership efforts. Billed as an “online community dedicated to helping its members prepare, publish and promote their books, share what they learn and help one another,” the all-new Web site has gone live today, with an official May 30, 2013 launch. A suite of benefits and resources are to be offered to the BookWorks membership, which is free and open to self-published writers, writers who are considering self-publishing and service providers such as editors, book designers, e-book publishers and others.

“As I traveled around the country these last few years and spoke with writers, I saw the trend toward self-publishing becoming more and more a viable option for aspiring authors,” says Betty Kelly Sargent, who is the founder and CEO of BookWorks LLC. Her business partner, Lettice Stuart, serves as president. “A global organization that provides resources and community support to its members was, to my mind, exactly what self-published authors needed. Together, BookWorks and PubMatch fill that role.” Sargent herself is a published author, with eight books, one of them self-published, to her credit.

“PubMatch was a natural pairing,” says Jon Malinowski, president of CBE, a PubMatch co-founder. “Not only does a lot of PubMatch’s robust programming match BookWorks’ vision of a network for self-published authors, but because self-published authors control their own rights, tying the BookWorks members into the PubMatch system gives them the opportunity to explore all of the different options they have as rights holders, and to find potential buyers around the world.”

“PubMatch adds to the wealth of resources BookWorks is providing for its members,” says George Slowik, Jr., president of Publishers Weekly, also a co-owner of PubMatch.
The services BookWorks are to offer members include individual, social-media-style profile pages; features and articles about self-publishing and self-published authors; a bookshop where authors can sell their books through BookWorks’ affiliate arrangements; a community forum; links to relevant articles; and classified ads where members can advertise for services and service providers can promote their services. Sargent and Stuart serve as curators of the association’s extensive resources lists, personally vetting editors, book designers, subsidy publishers, publicists, distributors and others who are included on the resource lists.

In addition, BookWorks plans an annual awards program for 12 categories of books that were self-published during the year. Entry for the annual awards is scheduled to begin in fall, 2013.

Sargent founded BookWorks in 2011 and has a current membership list of self-published authors who signed up during the beta stage. For her, the PubMatch partnership is exactly the dose of energy the organization needs to attract the growing ranks of self-published authors and others interested in exploring the new world of self-publishing. Her goal is to see the membership climb to 20,000 within the next two years.

Sargent is the former editor-in-chief of William Morrow and has also held positions as executive editor of Harper Collins, executive editor of Delacorte Press, fiction and books editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and book reviewer for CNN. Stuart spent 22 years as a newspaper writer for the New York Times and the New Orleans Times-Picayune. She then founded Portraits in Words, a national publishing company specializing in private-edition memoirs and legacy books. She is a traditionally published author.


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