Publishers Optimistic About Digital Future

Nearly 90% of publishers say they’re optimistic about the digital future of publishing, according to a new survey from Digital Book World and Forrester which was presented at the first day of the Digital Book World Conference + Expo yesterday.
While the annual survey of publishers’ attitudes toward digital was enlightening (read more here), you didn’t have to conduct a survey to see that publishers are optimistic. The mood at the fourth Digital Book World was palpably upbeat on its first day. Multiple morning presentations earned hearty laughs and robust audience applause.
The hallways were literally jammed between sessions with old colleagues reconnecting and new business partnerships being formed. There’s nothing like a great event packed full of information and insight to energize you.
If you were unable to join us, you can still come tomorrow. We’ll be accepting walk-ins at the New York Hilton Hotel on 6th Ave. and 53rd St. You can also stream the show. Or, at the very least, follow along on Twitter with the #DBW13 hash-tag.
To see what you missed, read our complete coverage below. (Apologies for the extra-long Daily; so much happened at DBW2013 yesterday and we wanted to pack it all in.)

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The rest of the day’s top news:
Inkling to Take on Amazon Via Google (DBW)
Illustrated ebook publisher, distributor and producer Inkling has launched a new discovery platform that utilizes Google Search and turns it into a storefront. The idea is to bypass other retailers and reach consumers where they are naturally searching for information.

DBW2013: Coming to Grips With a Post-Bookstore World (DBW)
Bookstores aren’t going away this year, but what about in five or ten years? Senior publishing executives are already preparing for a world in which there are far fewer bookstores. They’re trying to learn how to sell their books elsewhere, sell directly to consumers and build more significant consumer marketing channels.

DBW2013: 54% of U.S. Kids Reading Ebooks (DBW)
According to a new study from Digital Book World and PlayScience, more than half of U.S. kids are now reading ebooks – more than double the number of adults. A full report on children and e-reading is available for download from DBW. And we will be holding a free webcast on the topic in a few weeks to take a closer look at the numbers.

DBW2013: Does Piracy Hurt Digital Content Sales?
In short, yes, it does. Many popular notions around digital content piracy are actually myths. It does hurt sales and there are things publishers can do about it.

DBW2013: Publishing Consolidation Over? (DBW)
Following a year that was a flurry of financial activity in publishing (HarperCollins closing on Thomas Nelson, Microsoft and Pearson investing in Barnes & Noble, and Random-Penguin, just to name a few), former Macmillan CEO and current senior analyst at private-equity firm Providence Equity Partners Brian Napack thinks that things will settle down and we’re now seeing what the industry will look like in the foreseeable future. More from Napack here.
Why Authors Go Indie (Indie Reader)
It’s officially a trend: Traditionally published authors are turning to self-publishing. But why? Creative control, money and speed are among the reasons. (Today at DBW2013, Writers Digest community leader Phil Sexton presents the results of a survey of 5,000 authors on their attitudes toward publishing, self-publishing, agents, ebooks and more.)
There Is No Publishing Industry (DBW)
There isn’t one publishing industry – there are four and they’ve all been undergoing digital transition differently.
Bootstrappin’ (DBW)
Digital book publishing expert Brett Sandusky has embarked on a new venture for how-to content on the Web. In a new series on DBW, he will take us through the genesis of his new concern, filling us in on challenges, pitfalls, unexpected surprises and successes along the way. 

Kobo Grows (DBW)
In a statement yesterday, Kobo claims that it doubled its sales in 2012 and now has 12 million users. 

DBW2013: Three Obstacles to Global Ebook Sales (DBW)
Pricing, rights and metadata and publicity (or lack thereof) are three hurdles publishers must overcome to build their international ebook businesses.
DBW2013: Random House, Tonto Books and Warner Bros. Among Big Winners at PIAs (DBW)
At a luncheon hosted by publishing personality Porter Anderson and keynoted by head of the Association of American Publishers Tom Allen, the best in enhanced ebooks and book apps were honored. See the complete list of winners here.

Children’s Digital: Still Uncharted Territory (PW)
Missed the Children’s Publishing Goes Digital conference at Digital Book World on Tuesday? No worries, Publishers Weekly has you covered.

All About the Brand (Pub Perspectives)
A year ago, it was all about digital versus physical. How can publishers get more digital while maintaining their eroding print sales? Now it’s about building brands, says Penguin exec Eric Huang. 

DBW2013: Building Social Media Communities for Book Publishers and Authors (DBW)
Social media is no longer a job for your smart, young intern: it’s a big and growing part of business. So take a few minutes to read these no-nonsense tips for those who want to get serious about social media. 

The DBW2013 Survival Guide (Premier Digital Publishing)
Attended DBW yesterday but not sure if you can make it through another day of information, insights, networking, friends and fun? We’ve got you covered. Check out this survival guide put together by some enthusiastic attendees.

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