Pottermore Loses Chief Wizard to HarperCollins

shutterstock_102738080Charlie Redmayne is leaving Pottermore for a familiar company: HarperCollins.
He will be the new CEO of HarperCollins UK, leaving the same position at Pottermore. Redmayne came to Pottermore from HarperCollins, where he was chief digital officer.
Redmayne shook the book publishing world last year when he led Pottermore into ebook sales relationships with Amazon and other retailers that had beforehand been unheard of. Pottermore arranged to have Amazon and others send readers to it to buy ebooks, thereby giving Pottermore control of the consumer relationships and data.
HarperCollins has a new consumer focus. How will Redmayne fit into that? Watch him in an interview at paidContent Live in 2012.
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