Penguin’s Swan Song

shutterstock_74948680Following last week’s report from former Penguin parent Pearson, Penguin will no longer report out earnings as a standalone business unit.
That said, last week’s report looked pretty good for the publisher. Revenues were up 16% and profits were up, too, to £28 million ($43 million).
Pub lunch points out, however, that the company’s profits for the half year were wiped out completely by merger costs and legal costs.
While any profit in the fickle trade publishing business is impressive, it’s worth pointing out that Penguin’s lauded first half generated a profit margin of only a 5.5% — even without the one-time (one hopes) charges.
Meanwhile, Amazon lost money last quarter on sales of nearly $16 billion. Also par for the course.

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The rest of the day’s top news:
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