Penguin Random House Forms Single Audio Group

Continuing on with the integration of Penguin and Random House, the new company has merged its audio groups into one entity.

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This morning Madeline McIntosh announced in a memo to all U.S. staff the formation of the cross-company Penguin Random House Audio Group; the “entire Audio management team will now have blended responsibilities across the Penguin and Random House audio lists… “This combination expands upon a long-standing creative collaboration between the two producer teams who have enjoyably worked together on numerous studio recordings over the past years.”

Amanda D’Acierno will head the Group as Senior Vice President, Publisher, Penguin Random House Audio, Fodor’s, and Living Language. D’Acierno’s “leadership and business acumen are matched by a love for the Audio format and a keen appreciation of its creative and commercial potential,” says Ms. McIntosh.

Other major Penguin Random House Audio appointments: Patti Pirooz, Senior Executive Producer, Penguin Random House Audio; Dan Zitt, Vice President, Content Production, Penguin Random House Audio.

Ms. McIntosh also wrote, “Our frontlist and backlist audio titles will continue to be sold by the respective Penguin and Random House retail sales reps who currently sell them. The dedicated audio marketing, library sales, and publicity teams of the former Random House Audio Group will extend their activities to support Penguin’s audio list.”

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