Parents Listen to Kids When Buying Educational Ebooks

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Kids influence ebook purchases for many parents.

Kids influence ebook purchases for many parents.

by Beth  Bacon

The number one reason parents pick one ebook over another is that their children request it, according to a recent report from PlayCollective and Digital Book World.

When asked, “How do you typically choose a new educational ebook to purchase for your child?” almost half of the parents surveyed (46%) selected the answer, “My child asks for it.”

The price of an ebook and peer recommendations influence ebook purchases, as well. “It’s a good price” and “It gets good reviews” were both selected by 29% of parents as factors in making the purchasing choices.

Academic improvement not a factor

This report asks about purchasing decisions for educational ebooks. Educational ebooks are defined and ebooks that claim to help children learn, promote literacy, or teach new skills. The category is broad. “Much, if not most, content for preschool-aged children is often considered ‘educational,” states the report.

Surprisingly, no parents stated that they specifically choose educational ebooks in order to enhance their child’s schoolwork. A numbing 0% of parents agreed with the statement that they purchased an ebook because “it claims to help my child improve academically.”

Many more insights in report

Parental purchasing decisions are just one small part of the report, “Back To School In An E-Reading World” which is the second volume in the series of reports entitled “The ABCs of Kids and Ebooks.” This volume also covers a range of issues affecting children and ebooks including ebook access, usage, pricing, as well as e-reading in the classroom and during the summer. It acknowledges that ebook revenues are soaring and tablets are becoming the device-of-choice for children’s ebooks.

PlayCollective is a global market research, strategic planning, and product development company.

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