Oyster Partners With Ebook Distribution Service ePubDirect

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ePubDirect partners with Oyster, “ The Spotify for Books”

Award winning eBook Distribution service provider ePubDirect has formed a distribution alliance with Oyster.  The first mainstream option in a new breed of subscription business models to hit eBooks, Oyster offers users unlimited access to over 100,000 books through a monthly subscription, replicating the Spotify and Netflix business models that have proved so popular in the music and movie industries.

App based, Oyster allows users to get unlimited access to a library of books for one monthly price. Designed for Apple iOS7, the easy to use app was designed from the ground up to optimize the reading experience on mobile devices. Oyster combines discovery with access and reading, so users will be able to get recommendations and immediately begin reading.

“ePubDirect work continuously to add the most relevant retailers to our eBook Distribution service, and we are very excited to be able to add Oyster to our platform”, explained Gareth Cuddy, CEO, ePubDirect. “Oysters app based subscription model extends our publishers reach and offers our customers new discoverability and sales opportunities.”

Oyster will allow ePubDirect’s publishing clients to reach a growing audience of reading accessing content on smartphones, tablets and “phablets”.

About Oyster
Oyster takes inspiration from the famous literary line, “the world’s mine oyster”.  Oyster highlights books in different genres, similar to Goodreads it shows which books your friends are reading on the service.

About ePubDirect
ePubDirect is an award winning eBook Distribution service providing global digital publishing solutions direct to publishers. Supplying more 1,000 on-line retailers and over 25,500 libraries, ePubDirect’s primary objective is to simplify the process of getting publisher titles to market. Using state of the art software, they handle all the storage, distribution, administration, billing and sales reporting for their client publishers. Our primary objective is to simplify the process of getting eBooks to market. www.epubdirect.com

2 thoughts on “Oyster Partners With Ebook Distribution Service ePubDirect

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  2. Michael W. Perry

    I’ve contributed three titles to Oyster and I’m hoping they do well. However, I am disappointed about one thing—the membership or nothing requirement. Even their 30-day free trial isn’t quite what I was hoping for.

    Along with the Netflix model, why not adopt some features of successes such as Dropbox? Make some features free. Allow authors to designate one or more of their titles as available free to the public. That’d give the public a chance to get familiar with reading books on Oyster’s browser. Eventually they’d come across the first book in a series that they like so much, they subscribe to read later stores.

    I know Oyster is busy starting up, but that might be an idea for the future. Also, when I checked it out, I could not find a way to discover what’s in the library without joining. That might be a useful feature to add. Were I a busy reader, the first step in my evaluating Oyster would be seeing if it has authors I like.

    –Michael W. Perry, My Nights with Leukemia: Caring for Children with Cancer (available in Oyster)



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