Oyster Inks Deal With Perseus to Add to Ebook Subscription Catalog

Ebook subscription service Oyster has signed a deal that will bring select titles from book publisher Perseus to its subscription platform.

Oyster would not say how many titles Perseus will be distributing through the subscription provider, but highlights include Friday Night Lights, Masters of Sex, and Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage. The contract includes clients of Constellation, the digital distribution service owned and operated by Perseus, but Oyster did not offer more detail on which publishers, which titles and how many would be available to its subscribers for $9.95 a month.

“Our customers care about having the best library in the world,” said Oyster founder and CEO Eric Stromberg, adding that Perseus is one of the world’s largest publishers and distributors of ebooks.

While Oyster and rival Scribd seem to have a very similar if not completely overlapping catalog, Perseus is making its first foray into the consumer-facing ebook subscription model with Oyster.

“We’re excited to bring our books to Oyster. They’ve led the way in subscriptions, captured the enthusiasm of readers, and done so with a strong appreciation for books and the needs of publishers,” said Perseus chief marketing officer Rick Joyce. “As a result, we decided they were the right partner as our first venture into this model.”

Oyster declined to reveal how many subscribers it has to date.

Hear Matthew Shatz, head of strategy and partnerships at Oyster, talk about how the start-up is going to attract publishers and readers to its banner at Digital Book World 2014. Schedule.

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