Out of the Box Ebook Store for Publishers From Pubsoft

Pubsoft has launched a new suite of tools that publishers can use to launch an ebook store, complete with author profile pages and search engine optimization help.

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Pubsoft’s Digital Publishing Engine Delivers Game-Changing Solutions for the Next Generation of Great Publishers

Company Launches Blog to Provide Digital Publishing Insights, Revenue-Generating Tips

Sales of ebook titles are on the rise: Publishers Weekly reports a 44% increase in 2012. Publishers and authors have tested new ways to create, market and distribute ebooks since the digital delivery model began gaining traction, and the industry has evolved considerably in just a few years. But until now, the sector lacked a platform that allows the key players in a literary relationship – publishers, authors and readers – to interact seamlessly. Pubsoft, makers of cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) publishing solutions for the next generation of publishers, aims to change that with their comprehensive digital publishing engine. The company has also launched a new blog that helps publishers navigate industry trends and find success in the digital age.
Pubsoft’s unique digital publishing engine is a game-changer in the publishing sector. With Pubsoft, publishers can quickly and easily create and manage a custom ebook store to enable direct-to-consumer ebook sales, including branded mobile publishing for iPad devices. The Pubsoft platform gives publishers the power to engage and manage authors with SEO-optimized author and book landing pages, social media marketing integration, distribution capabilities across multiple channels and online content sampling and multiple point of purchase options.

The platform streamlines backend workflow tasks, automating online marketing functions and administrative work and allowing publishers to capture and analyze author, reader and revenue data. Pubsoft delivers a dashboard that gives publishers the power to capture metadata and drill down into book, author and reader levels for insights that can supercharge marketing campaigns, inform key business decisions and drive broader product strategy.

Pubsoft also offers authors unprecedented levels of transparency and engagement, as well as a way to create a strong reader following and build a platform over time. The author dashboard allows writers to monitor sales, purchase locations and reader selections and engage in two-way conversations. Authors can view basic sales data in real time instead of waiting for reports, keep tabs on royalty earnings and withdraw funds as needed via PayPal. When books are uploaded to a publisher’s site, Pubsoft automatically creates an author page, drawing that writer’s reader following to the site to make purchases and enabling direct communication to deepen engagement.

“Authors should demand that publishers use Pubsoft because it gives them awesome tools to manage reader relationships and marketing as well as real-time information on and access to royalties,” said Dougal Cameron, Chief Operating Officer at Pubsoft. “And publishers should gravitate to Pubsoft because it lets them get closer to readers, delivers access to incredibly valuable data and provides amazing author and reader account and royalties management tools.”

A cloud-based, SaaS publishing solution that puts publishers squarely in the driver’s seat, Pubsoft makes it quick and easy to create publisher, author and reader portals that take full advantage of social media and data analysis to drive revenue. Pubsoft also enhances access to the growing mobile ebook sector with delivery tools that accommodate virtually any type of device as well branded iPad apps to deliver content on the devices people use the most.

To learn more about Pubsoft’s end-to-end solution for the next generation of great publishers, please visit www.pubsoft.com. Find out more about digital publishing trends, brand building and the keys to success in the publishing industry at the new Pubsoft blog at http://pubsoft.com/pubsoft-university/.

About Pubsoft
Pubsoft is a digital publishing engine that is empowering the next generation of great publishers with an array of intuitive solutions to manage multiple facets of publishing and sales. The easy-to-use administration portal lets publishers instantly create and manage an ebook store for direct sales to consumers, drive social media-enabled marketing campaigns, deliver ebooks to mobile devices, manage authors and distribute royalties. With backend solutions that streamline administration and a unique interface that connects publishers, authors and readers with unparalleled transparency, Pubsoft is poised to change the way publishers operate in the 21st century. Learn more at www.pubsoft.com. Read our blog at http://pubsoft.com/pubsoft-university/.

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