Open Road Partners With Enthrill to Fulfill Special and Corporate Bulk Ebook Orders

[Press Release]

Open Road Media to Partnerwith Enthrill for Special Sales and Promotional Distribution of Ebooks

Open Road Will Utilize Enthrill to Distribute Ebooks to Consumers and Specialty Retailers at Author Events, to Enable Corporate Sponsorships, and to Facilitate Special Promotions

Enthrill Distribution, Inc., an innovative provider of ebook distribution products and services for the publishing industry, announced today that Open Road Integrated Media will use the Enthrill platform as a provider for consumer and corporate ebook special sales and promotional distribution.

Enthrill’s fulfillment engine, Endpaper, provides publishers with a complete end-to-end solution to put ebooks in the hands of their readers. Unlike single-channel providers, ebooks distributedthrough Enthrill’s system are compatible with all popular devices, including ereaders, tablets, smartphones, and computers.

Rachel Chou, Chief Marketing OfficeratOpen Road Integrated Media, states, “The flexibility of Enthrill’s system allows us to execute ebook salesforpromotions or special sales. This has been a goal since the inception of Open Road, and we are thrilled to have found a platform that executes this brilliantly.”

Currently, most ebooks must be purchased online from device-specific websites where ebook files are non-transferrable. Enthrill’s Endpaper engine allows publishers full control of the waysebooks reach their readers.

“Publishers have been waiting for a solution like this,” explains Kevin Franco, President and Cofounder of Enthrill. “They can use our ebook fulfillment engine in their direct marketing to consumers, letting them stay in control of their brand and consumer base.”

Open Road plans to begin utilizing Enthrill’s ebook special sales and distribution services in May 2013.

Enthrill Distribution, Inc., is a provider of innovative digital content distribution technologies for the publishing industry. Enthrill has positioned itself to provide complete end-to-end, cross-platform ebook delivery products to enable publishers to grow and expand their ebook business.

Open Road Integrated Media, Inc.,is a digital publisher and multimedia content company. Open Road creates connections between authors and their audiences by marketing its ebooks through a new proprietary online platform, which uses premium video content and social media. Open Road has published ebooks from legendary authors including William Styron, Pat Conroy, Alice Walker, Virginia Hamilton, and Jean Craighead George.


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