One Way Ebook Subscription Services Could Work

Why don’t digital content subscription services work that well? Why aren’t Netflix or Hulu wildly successful?
There are myriad reasons (competition, cost of content, free alternatives like piracy, content curation, to name a few), but one basic one stands out: You don’t want everything they give you.
Imagine a subscription service that was flexible based on what you wanted and needed – allowed you to skip a month if you were going to be indisposed or add more goods a la carte at no markup. Imagine if you could pay less every month on your cable bill by pruning away those channels you don’t watch (there are many reasons why this wouldn’t necessarily work for the cable TV industry). That would be great customer service. And, as Amazon has shown us, great customer service gets you far in the digital era.
Brett Sandusky calls it a “modular subscription.” It’s a mass-market offering with a bespoke feel to it (not unlike Dell’s pitch to computer shoppers a decade ago). If one of the ebook subscription start-ups can figure out how to apply the principle to ebooks, it could be just the thing that helps the promising but deeply challenged idea of a mass-market ebook subscription service get over the hump.

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