Official Announcement: Diversion Books Signs Best-Selling Self-Published Author Karina Halle

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DIVERSION BOOKS signs self-published bestselling author Karina Halle

Diversion Books has signed a three-book deal with self-published bestselling author Karina Halle THE DEVIL’S METAL, its forthcoming sequel, THE DEVIL’S REPRISE, and a third original work, LOST IN WANDERLUST. Halle is a prolific writer, perhaps best known for her EXPERIMENT IN TERROR series, along with a newly launched title, SINS AND NEEDLES, which has maintained a position in the top 100 in the paid Kindle store since publication.

With a growing network of retail connections and ever-evolving marketing strategy, Diversion Books aims to increase the reach of Halle’s work, both within the U.S. and internationally. Further to standard retail distribution, the agreement also covers distribution through libraries and schools and upcoming audiobook editions of the three titles.

“We are thrilled to be working with Karina,” says Mary Cummings, editorial director of Diversion Books. “She is our ideal author. Apart from being undeniably talented, she is savvy, a great self-marketer, and is incredibly engaged with her audience. Karina is doing all the right things for her projects, and we hope to amplify her already prominent voice in the marketplace as a result of what we’re able to bring to the table that’s just out of her reach as a self-published author.”

On why she decided to publish through Diversion, Halle says, “As much as indie authors love the control of self-publishing, it’s a full-time job dealing with the publishing aspects of the book when we’d rather be writing. By signing with Diversion, I get ongoing support with publicity, marketing and promotional efforts so it’s not all on me, leaving me with more time to focus on the creative process. It can be hard for indie authors to break out of their fan base and reach new readers, but because Diversion has significant relationships with a range of merchandisers, retailers and media outlets, my books will be able to get into more hands. And, even with all their expertise, they offer a highly advantageous royalty package that puts more revenue into my pocket. I’m looking forward to working with Diversion, where it will feel more like a team effort rather than me trying to shoulder all the effort on my own. That right there is worth its weight in gold.”

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