Note From BISG on Departure of Deputy Executive Director Angela Bole

[Note From BISG Executive Director Len Vlahos]

Greetings BISG Members and Friends,
I’m writing today to let you know that BISG’s Deputy Executive Director, Angela Bole, has accepted a position as the next Executive Director of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA). She succeeds Florrie Binford Kichler in this position, and will be leaving BISG shortly after BookExpo America.

First, please join me in congratulating Angela. I can’t think of anyone better prepared for, and better suited to take on, such an enormous and exciting challenge. I have no doubt that Angela will excel in her new role, and on behalf of the staff and the Board of Directors of BISG, I wish her nothing but success.

Second, please join me in thanking Angela for everything she has done for BISG in the eight years she has served the organization. In many ways, Angela has been the beating heart of BISG. Her contributions have gone far beyond her obvious dedication and effort. Her ability to lead projects, to help mold strategy and policy, to work with members, and to help steer committees, has made her an asset of unparalleled value to the Study Group. Those of you who have had the privilege to work with Angela know that she leaves a legacy of excellence in her wake, and has done as much as anyone involved in BISG to position us for growth.

I’ll share news about the future direction of the BISG staff in the coming weeks. In the meantime, again, please join me in congratulating Angela!



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