No Dog Days for Publishing this Summer

summer-publishing-dogThis time of year industry pros have traditionally enjoyed publishing Fridays. Employees get to start the weekends early, going home to write their own great American novel or just unwind with a good book.

The pace of things this summer is not so breezy. The industry is changing because of distinctive events such as the Penguin-Random House merger and the departure of B&N’s CEO.

That Apple was found guilty of ebook price-fixing is no small matter either. And at least one DBW Expert Publishing Blogger is staying close to his desk and looking forward to what the remainder of the summer holds.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

Apple Verdict Means Power Shift in Book Publishing (Time)
Publishers will have little control over the future price of ebooks. Not very promising news, considering the nearly 50% decline in the average price of a best-selling ebooks over the past year.

Agency Pricing vs. Amazon (Dear Author)
“Agency pricing was instituted ostensibly to increase competition and decrease Amazon’s control over the emerging digital book market.” The question remains:
Will natural market competition or the competition from self-publishing authors be the bigger factor is ebook pricing going forward?

iSchool Campus Showcases Tablet Learning for Elementary Schools (DBW)
The National Association of Elementary School Principals held its 92nd annual conference last week. There, iSchool Campus demonstrated it Smart School™ technology.

EdTech Awards Honor Digital Resources for Educators (DBW)
The next iteration of Bammy Awards, given by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences, will include honorees from the education technology space.

Amazon, E-ink, Sony, and B&N Are Being Sued (Digital Reader)
The firm Research Frontiers filed a lawsuit on Friday, claiming that four companies infringe upon patents that it holds. This may not be worth your close attention however, as one commentator puts it, “This type of lawsuit is so common in tech that it is almost background noise.”

A New Economics of Publishing (Financial Times)
There is a new economy unfolding in publishing. Authors are being sued for failure to deliver manuscripts, and ebook sales are growing internationally. In the current age, tech companies may have just as good a chance of bringing the next bestseller to market as do legacy publishers.

Archie Comics App To Include Mobile Advertising (Pub Perspectives)
The Archie Comics app will soon include advertising and consumer engagement opportunities, thanks to new partnerships with iVerse and Tapjoy. Is ad revenue the next big thing for publishers with mobile apps on the market?

Apple Ruling Heaps Doubt on ‘MFN’ Clauses (WSJ)
U.S. District Judge Denise Cote made a decision in the Apple/DOJ trail that could impact contract negotiations, particularly those with most-favored-nation clauses, in numerous industries going forward.

The Author Tour Goes Digital; Or Does It? (Algonquin Redux)
Are in-person book tours relevant in the digital age? For one author, the risk of “sitting alone at a metal folding table in Texas staring at a half-dozen rows of empty metal folding chairs” is worth it to meet readers and connect with booksellers.

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