New Website to Tell You What E-Reader to Buy

What’s the biggest problem for readers these days? Figuring out which e-reader to buy. That’s probably why sales of e-readers declined in 2012 while sales of smartphones and tablets skyrocketed: Readers don’t know which of three or four popular models are right for them. proposes to solve that problem by helping you compare e-readers and matching the right one for you.

Per an email Digital Book Wire received this morning:

E-books are quickly becoming the most popular way to purchase books, and there are many different types of e-readers out there. So, how do you choose?


We wanted to create an easy to use website that lets you discover the differences between popular e-readers and helps you choose the perfect device for your needs. We are days away from launching, a new website that will help you pick out your next e-reader.


ReaderRocket goes beyond specs and take into consideration the surrounding ecosystem. We look at factors that aren’t captured in device specs, such as the number of books in each store and epub compatibility.


— Here are some features that we think you and your readers will love:

— Show head to head comparisons between e-readers, with the pros/cons of each
— Summarize key features in a visual, easy to read format
— Search for the e-reader by criteria (e.g. largest bookstore or longest battery life)
— Aggregate reviews from users like you

The site launches on April 18.




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