New Text-Book App Not What It Sounds Like

A new app wants to help you turn your text messages into an ebook in PDF format.

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New txt-book App for Android Transforms Text-Message Conversations and Photos into Personalized Keepsake Books

Our love affairs, inside jokes, saucy sexting, plans made and fulfilled with friends and lovers are just some examples of the text-message conversations that can now be exported into personalized books, in less than 30 seconds, with the new txt-book app for Android.

The txt-book app converts your text-message conversations into books you can re-read, share with loved ones, and keep forever.

For only $3.99, users can purchase the app and create unlimited, editable txt-books in either the CONVERSATION or STORYBOOK style.

CONVERSATION style displays texts and photos in bubbles similar to the way they appear on a phone. Photos appear crisp and larger than originally shown on the phone.

STORYBOOK style frames text messages with a story format so the conversation reads like an actual book. Texts are shown in quotes, and words like, “replied, asked, texted, answered, said, etc.” are automatically incorporated. Sentences are used to introduce a new day, “On July 4, 2013 Mark texted Kristin,” so that the txt-book flows like a real story.

Users can edit the books by:

Insert a front cover with a photo and book title.
Insert a back cover that describes the purpose of the book or has a special message to the recipient.
Choose date range.
Delete irrelevant or drunken texts and embarrassing photos.
Change names of the texters, i.e. a father’s name can be changed to “Dad” or a boyfriend’s name to “Boo.”
txt-book was created with a careful emphasis on user privacy. Book creation occurs locally on the phone. There is no data transfer; in fact, the phone doesn’t even need to be connected to the Internet.

Once the book has been generated, a PDF file is automatically attached to the user’s e-mail form so they can then send it to themselves in order to print, file, share, bind, and more.

Text message conversations chronicle our modern lives. txt-book preserves those jokes, fights, crazy nights and photos. A txt-book is a perfect and easy gift for anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, Valentine’s Day, long-distance relationships or just to recount all the crazy stuff that happens to us.

About txt-book:

In an age where people are starved and nostalgic for traditional, memorable, and romantic communication, txt-book is a tool that developer Tyler Barnet envisioned a year ago as he created his first txt-book by hand.

“It was a nightmare, but the book was an anniversary present and important to me. I had to pay for a back-up app, which dumped all the texts into an unreadable file with no spaces. There were no pictures either. It took me over a month to edit it into something I could present. I knew then that we could do it better, with a cool design and smart technology.”

He then co-founded NOODLER, LLC with the recipient of that first hand-made txt-book that started it all.


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