New Start-up Scholar’s Publisher Wants to Be Kindle for E-Textbooks and Scholarly Articles

A new start-up from Toronto wants to do for the higher education and academic publishing market what Amazon’s Kindle did for the trade book publishing market.

Scholar’s Publisher has launched, a new portal where students can buy or rent digital texts at deep discounts versus the print prices and where authors and professors can write and publish digital texts for students to buy directly.

Like Amazon, Scholar’s Publisher promises buyers much lower prices and content creators much higher royalties.

On the buy side, digital texts are for sale for 20% off the equivalent print text price and 50% to 60% off to rent it for half a year.

On the content creation side, Scholar’s Pub is offering authors and professors a 30% royalty versus what it says is the traditional 10% in the industry. Working with a digital platform also means that there are no resales, transactions in the higher education world for which content creators receive no compensation.

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Scholar’s Publisher Launches Affordable Access to Knowledge (A2K)

Scholar’s Publisher is pleased to announce the beta launch of its website, Our Mission is to become the global leader in digital academic book publishing by providing access to superior books and other online resources at the most affordable value. The business model is based on the fact that many print textbook sells for $80 or $100. offers texts for sale for approximately 20% of an equivalent print text, and students receive further discounts of 30-40% to rent access for 150 days. Therefore, the print textbook that sells for $100 would be available to a student for as low as $12. Moreover, authors will still receive a comparatively generous royalty so that all stakeholders will benefit. According to the President and founder, Dr. Tim McLay, “ScholarsPub offers a true integration of academic publishing with the convenience and accessibility of the digital format in order to provide affordable access to knowledge for everyone. We are excited by the opportunities and will soon be announcing several major projects. This is all happening as we are completing the development of our reader.”

In addition to quality peer-reviewed volumes by world class scholars at an affordable value, Scholar’s Publisher intends to establish partnerships with private and public funding sources in order to provide some resources to users for free. Although the primary means to access their volumes is online, Scholar’s Publisher will also provide means for individuals and communities in the developing world to download resources at even greater discounts. “Knowledge empowers and benefits everyone, and our goal is to make it as accessible as possible,” added Dr. McLay. “As we move forward, we have plans to add audio/video for instructional material, host webinars, research projects, interactive games, and other ventures that will facilitate access to knowledge. We plan to offer scholarships and eventually provide research funding to scholars as well.”

The vision of Scholar’s Publisher is to be a global portal for the exchange, production and dissemination of knowledge. Scholar’s Publisher will develop a global community of learners by encouraging scholarship and the pursuit of knowledge through innovative publishing opportunities for original, excellent material and providing value-added interactive features that nurture and facilitate the exchange of ideas.

About Scholar’s Publisher
Scholar’s Publisher is a private corporation that publishes and distributes academic textbooks in digital format approximately 80% below the cost of legacy publishers and offers additional educational resources and value-added interactive features. Scholar’s Publisher expects to publish 100 books within the next five years and hundreds more within the next 10 years.

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