New IngramSpark Service Gives Indie Publishers Main Line to Ingram Distribution Network

IngramSpark, a new service from the world’s largest book distributor, will give independent publisher a main line into Ingram’s worldwide print and digital distribution systems.

While Ingram already offers all these services, Spark puts them all in one place and makes it “easy” for indie publishers, according to a press release (below). The platform will launch in July.

It’s unclear from the information below whether this business is also aimed at self-publishing authors, who often go through third parties to gain wide digital distribution beyond Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple.

“IngramSpark is for small, independent publishers. It is not for self-published authors,” said an Ingram spokesperson.


[Press Release]

IngramSpark Service Offers New, Simple Path to Publishing

Publish On DemandSM platform to launch in July

Ingram Content Group Inc., today announced plans to launch its IngramSparkSM offering, a new Publish On DemandSM platform. The easy-to-use, online publishing tool provides independent publishers with simple, cost-effective access to Ingram’s global distribution network for print titles and e-book content.

“Through the IngramSpark platform, independent publishers will now have access to Ingram’s reach, enabling them to affordably print copies, distribute books to global retailers, make titles available to all major e-readers and connect with more customers worldwide,” said Mark Ouimet, Vice President & General Manager, Ingram Publisher Services. “We wanted to make it easy for publishers to create an account and start uploading their content in just a few minutes.”

The new platform builds on the comprehensive services that Ingram already offers to independent publishers. The platform, which is set to launch in July 2013, gives publishers the tools to manage their print books and e-books in one location. A cost-effective way to publish, it’s free to open an account. Print titles can be managed through an on-demand, low-risk inventory model, and e-book distribution will be available in August.

The platform integrates Ingram’s best-of-class print-on-demand and digital distribution technologies. Publishers that use the IngramSpark service will have access to Ingram’s extensive distribution network. Ingram’s network distributes content to thousands of booksellers and online retailers around the world.

After its initial launch, Ingram plans to expand the reach of its IngramSpark service to include Ingram’s MyiLibrary® academic library platform, wholesale and full-service Ingram Publisher Services options, file conversion services, and sales and marketing programs.

Learn more about the IngramSpark service, register for an account and begin uploading content for distribution at after the publishing portal goes live in July 2013.

Ingram Content Group Inc. is a subsidiary of Nashville-based Ingram Industries Inc. The company provides books, music and media content to over 39,000 retailers, libraries, schools and distribution partners in 195 countries. More than 26,000 publishers use Ingram’s fully integrated physical and digital distribution, logistics, and manufacturing solutions to access global consumer demand, and realize the full business potential of book content. Ingram’s operating units are Ingram Book Company, Lightning Source Inc., Vital Source Technologies, Inc., Ingram Periodicals Inc., Ingram International Inc., Ingram Library Services Inc., Spring Arbor Distributors Inc., Ingram Publisher Services Inc., Tennessee Book Company LLC, Coutts Information Services, and ICG Ventures Inc. For more information, visit

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