New Ebook Retailer Proposes to Change the Way Readers Buy Ebooks

A new ebook retailer proposes to change the way the readers buy ebooks, allowing them to purchase sections of works, mix and match and mash up the licensed works of others with their own work. will also offer users the ability to buy physical books — even their mashed up creations print-on-demand — if they so choose.

The platform will allow readers to buy full ebooks, chapters and pages.

The theory behind the site is that across business today, consumers want control and those who give it to them succeed in this new environment.

“The consumer demand for control has transformed industries such as music and travel. The change in publishing is similarly inevitable,” Ken Munro, co-founder and CEO of Trust Media Distribution, one of the two firms behind the new site, said in a statement. UK online bookseller is the other company behind the play.

This site is not alone in trying to remake how consumers buy ebooks by giving them more control. Total Boox, an Israeli start-up, allows readers to add books to a bookshelf and then only pay for what they read.

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Leading Media Distributor (TMD) and Online Bookseller ( join forces to Create New Digital Platform, a unique new digital services and ecommerce platform, puts customers in the driving seat giving them control over the exact content they buy, how they buy it and then lets them choose between digital or physical format.

At consumers can not only purchase eBooks in full, by chapter, page or paragraph but also drag and drop content portions from different publications into a new, personalised compilation with maximum value from the first ‘page’ to the last.
For a truly personalised creation, enriched by their imagination, customers can upload their own multi-media content and interleave it with pre-published and licensed blog content.

The end-product can be bought and downloaded as an eBook (DRM) or printed via the Bindworx Print-on-Demand service for same-day shipping.

Gareth Mulholland, co-founder of Bindworx and CEO of Eden Interactive Ltd says “By responding to what consumers really want, which is greater control over what they buy and how it’s delivered to them, publishers will unleash a tide of new revenue opportunities as customers curate and promote the content they and their networks know has untapped value.”

Unlocking Value from Existing Content

Publishing partners involved during the launch phase will benefit from real-time insights including detailed sales reports, ‘heat mapping’ of content and market gap analysis. This data enables participating publishers to revive and repurpose topical backlist content to meet latent consumer demand.

Ken Munro, co-founder and CEO of Trust Media Distribution is confident that many publishers recognise that the old ways of doing business are becoming increasingly marginalised. “The consumer demand for control has transformed industries such as music and travel. The change in publishing is similarly inevitable. Early adopters who participate enthusiastically and are willing to transition rapidly from outmoded business models will gain an enduring advantage in this exciting new marketplace. Those who hand over the keys to the consumer will not only survive, but thrive, and reap the reward of the extraordinary market insights available through the Bindworx platform.”

Bindworx Ambassador Programme

Bindworx tight social media integration leverages the potent mix of social recommendation, highly relevant content and a micro-payment model that removes cost barriers for the consumer.

Through the ‘Bindworx Ambassador Programme’ an army of subject matter experts, including booksellers, bloggers and social influencers will profit by curating intensely relevant pre-published content for their specific audience. They are the booksellers of the future, leveraging peer-to-peer recommendation on a global scale.

Bindworx Services – Enrichment and Curation

“Converting your Business”

To address the demand for high quality digitisation and conversion services, and to ensure that publishers gain maximum ROI from the digitisation process, Bindworx has formed a services division which works with publishing partners. Its primary focus is to maximise return on investment from digitised content.

Bindworx Services provides a rich suite of services from high-quality eBook conversion, managed fragmentation and subsequent meta-data enrichment, to expert Curation and distribution across multiple platforms including

The services are not only for traditional book content. Fragmentation, enrichment and curation across all media including still images, audio and video, creates opportunities for additional revenue in the new digital marketplace.

About Bindworx Ltd

“Infinitely Personal”

Bindworx Ltd, is a joint venture between Eden Interactive of Chester and Trust Media Distribution of Carlisle.

The company brings together the software development & digital marketing expertise of Eden Interactive Ltd, owner of the UK’s largest Christian etailer and the publishing and distribution expertise of Trust Media Distribution, the UK’s leading Christian distributor. The new joint venture company will leverage its commercial, technological and marketing expertise to create new opportunities for all segments of the global publishing market., which operates under its guiding principle of “infinitely personal”, is a multi-platform solution that satisfies consumer desire to buy only the content they want, in the format they want it. Content including eBooks, music, images and video will be available to purchase in portions and re-compile into an infinite range of new publications that match the personal requirements of each consumer, institution or user group.

Bindworx is currently being trialled by a number of international publishers and will launch to consumers during the week of Book Expo America in New York at the end of May.
For more information about contact Jo Pountney at or on 01244 911 202, or visit the Trust Media Distributions stand D515 at London Book Fair.

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  1. mauricio geraud

    I don´t know enough, I’m no lawyer. BUT that platform sounds to me like butchery, carnage, murder or in more lawful terms Vandalize or deface OUR copyrighted art forms. I wold most certainly find a suitable lawyer to Sue their butts off.
    Oh, and by the way, My books are under pseudonym. so good luck with that.

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