New Book Discovery Tool Helps Authors and Publishers Share Excerpts

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DAB (Discover a Book) announces a low cost service for self-published authors that puts an excerpt of their book in front of key book buyers throughout the US – increasing exposure and sales.

The service – called Publishers Portal ( – creates a text excerpt from the first chapter of an author’s book that is formatted to display well on both computers and mobile phone/tablet devices.

• distributes that excerpt to websites for display in catalogs of libraries, online retailers, book distributors and other sources of book information, and

• gives authors an html/xml text file of their first chapter excerpt to use however they choose by linking it to websites, blogs, Facebook or Twitter

Betty Greenfield, President of Publishers Portal and DAB says “Discoverability is key to book sales. Book buyers like to sample books by reading a little bit while searching online. If they like what they read, they buy the book. The availability of excerpts has been found to increase the sales of a book by 7%.

Publishers Portal markets an author’s book by letting book buyers read from the first chapter at the moment they are searching for what to buy or read next.”

Authors can take advantage of the distribution and reach of Publishers Portal by using its website ( where, for only $35/book, they can upload the 13-digit ISBN, title, sub-title, author(s), copyright holder, copyright year, table of contents and about ten pages of initial text or the full book from which DAB extracts the excerpt.

Excerpts are made available to e-commerce book-selling sites, book distributors and libraries within two weeks of upload.
All excerpts are fully searchable and accessible by both mobile and Internet web sites
Publishers Portal, LLC, is an affiliate of Dial-A-Book, Inc. For 15 years, DAB has worked with publishers and individual authors to sell more books by distributing first chapter excerpts so that prospective customers can browse their content and get help deciding what to buy. Excerpts are proven to help sell books.
The DAB database holds in excess of 300,000 Chapter One excerpts, all supplied by the publisher/imprint/copyright holder with permission for use. Continuously updated, the DAB database contains copyrighted material from more than 1,200 imprints/publishers, including giant companies like Random House, Harper Collins, Hachette, and Macmillan.

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