New Book Discovery Site NextRead Combines Social With Price Promotion

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NextRead is a Sausalito, Calif.-based start-up that aims to combine social discovery with price awareness. Users are given customized book recommendations from their Facebook network and then made aware of when books they want to read go on sale at Amazon.

The site was launched quietly in July but has been in development for a year. It is self-funded.

See more in a press email below from one of the site’s two founders, David Mandelbrot, who, among other things, was once the general manager of Yahoo’s media and entertainment business.

[Press Email]

Nextread creates a new and unique book discovery service for readers by helping users pick books based on both their social network *and* price. Ebook price wars are heating up and it has also been widely reported that deep discounts on books have had a huge impact on book buying. We are proving that price combined with social discovery will have a huge impact on book selection. Specifically, Nextread offers users the following features:

1. A fully robust social book discovery platform. All a user has to do is login with Facebook to immediately be presented with books liked, recommended and read by friends – and a way to easily share the user’s own tastes. In addition, users can share comments on books they have read and share those comments with their friends. Users can also easily look at profiles of their friends’ book tastes.

2. Exclusive: E-mail notices when a book a user is interested in becomes available at a deep discount. Nextread crawls Amazon’s pricing data so that once a user indicates that he or she might want to read a book, Nextread automatically e-mails the user when that book is available at a deep discount. Unlike other discount book e-mail services, Nextread only e-mails you with discounts on books that are truly relevant to you. We also note steep discounts, when available, on the covers of all books on Nextread.

3. User-Curated Lists. Logged in users can create a customized lists of the books they are reading, books they have read and books they want to read. We call these Nextreads and they are proving very useful in helping users and their friends to track books they are or might be interested in.

4. Bookstore-Like Interface. The user experience at Nextread is more like what you would experience at an actual bookstore. Instead of being presented with a lot of text and thumbnails, users are presented with big colorful book covers for books that are specifically tailored to that user.

5. Customized for mobile. All of the functionality on Nextread is fully available and customized for the device you are on – whether it’s a phone, a tablet or a pc. (Nextread doesn’t work on a turntable yet – but we’re working on it.)

Our combination of social discovery and price monitoring is unique in the book business and one we’re excited to share with users.

Want to learn more about the cutting edge in book discovery? Join Digital Book World at the Marketing + Publishing Services Conference & Expo this September in New York. 



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