More Money Pouring Into E-Textbooks

gutenbergThe e-textbook market continues to accrue interest and dollars from investors despite student and professor disinterest in using the content.

The latest investor is Paris-based multi-billion-dollar bank BNP Paribas. It’s plowing the bulk of $6.5 million into Gutenberg Technology, the e-textbook platform based in New York and Paris.

Gutenberg will use the money to expand in the U.S., hiring more salespeople and doing more marketing, the CEO told Digital Book World.

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The rest of the day’s top news:


Follett Lays Off Nearly 10% of University Bookstore Employees (PW)
The company says that it’s part of a strategy to get more efficient by only heavily staffing stores when there is heavy student traffic. It could also be part of a reaction to anticipated e-textbook-buying patterns.


Google’s New Educational Play (The Digital Reader)
As part of an attempt to tap into what is shaping up to be a huge market, Google has launched Google Play Education on its Nexus 7 tablets. The app has been tailored for teachers and students.


Should Start-ups Work With “Big Five”? (DBW)
One analyst says, “no,” that it’s just a waste of time for most start-ups. So what are start-ups (and publishers, for that matter) to do?


Eight Reasons Indies Should Work With Amazon on Source (DBW)
Perhaps counterintuitive thinking, but indie bookstores have lots of reasons to partner up with Amazon on its Source program, which allows for bookstores to sell Kindle devices and ebooks for a piece of the profit.


Scholastic App Makes Physical Book Fair Experience Digital (DBW)
“We’re well aware that the world is a mobile world so we wanted to use mobile to connect experience of print books,” said Deborah Forte, executive vice president at Scholastic and president of Scholastic Media.


Simon & Schuster Reorganizes Production Unit With Eye Toward Ebooks (DBW)
A restructuring at the large publisher is aimed at integrating ebooks fully into the production and design process. The move comes with a spate of promotions and departures.

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Bookshout Wants to Connect Facebook Users to Bookstore (DBW)
With new functionality built into its Facebook integration, Bookshout wants to turn casual Facebook users into ebook buyers.


Kobo’s Asian Gambit (WSJ)
Kobo is eyeing the big Asian reading markets from its perch in Tokyo as Amazon does the same from Seattle. The Wall Street Journal catches up with one of its top execs to discuss the initiative. Related: Kobo Snags Amazon Exec to Help With International Expansion.


London Is an Online Book Club (London Evening Standard)
Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch (Hachette, and the No. 14 best-selling ebook in the U.S. this week) has all of London a-buzz; or, perhaps more accurately, a-Twitter.


Raise Book Money With Book Country (DBW)
Workshopping and self-publishing platform Book Country has created a “curated” Kickstarter page that indie authors can use to help raise money for their book projects.


EditionGuard + PayPal = Direct to Consumer Sales (DBW)
EditionGuard has built a PayPal integration that is aimed at making it easy to sell ebooks directly to readers.


Books-A-Million Giving Espresso Machines a Whirl (DBW)
Bookstore chain Books-A-Million will be piloting the use of Espresso Book Machine on-demand book printers in two of its stores.


Now Read Ebooks When Flying in Europe! (Geekwire)
Europe’s air space regulatory body followed the Federal Aviation Administration’s example by changing its rules around electronic devices on aircraft. Ebook readers rejoice!


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