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hello my name isIt’s not Amazon, which has more than any single company changed the publishing industry in the past five years. It’s not your new parent company, which is a real possibility now that we’re in a time of heightened financial activity in publishing. It’s not even readers, who are closer to publishers than ever.
It’s authors. Specifically, hybrid authors: Those who have published both with a traditional publisher and has self-published. The term was coined nearly two years ago by Bob Mayer, himself a hybrid author (and DBW Expert Blogger).
Back then, there wasn’t too much talk of indie publishing success from hybrid authors or others. Recently, the group has been a visible one. Digital publishing thinker Jane Friedman interviewed hybrid author CJ Lyons about her “fairytale” career and successes she’s found publishing both ways. Best-selling Christian author Jerry Jenkins just launched his own self-publishing company (after having been a very vocal critic of self-publishing).
We’ll be talking with Mayer and Writer’s Digest community leader Phil Sexton next week at a free webcast discussing the phenomenon and an upcoming report from Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest in which we surveyed nearly 5,000 authors, about a sixth of them hybrid authors, to find out how they build their platforms and what they want in an era where they’re swiftly becoming the news boss.

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The rest of the day’s top news:
Five Things I’ve Learned From Self-Publishing (James Calbraith)
It’s not all about the hybrid authors; self-published authors are having their moment, too. UK-based sci-fi author James Calbraith has been self-publishing since the middle of last year and has some lessons to share. No. 1: Nobody cares about your book but you. If you go it alone, that’s pretty much true.
What I Learned (DBW)
DBW content producer Deanna Utroske did pretty much everything for our first ebook but write the thing. While she learned a lot about what it takes to put an ebook out into the world, she learned that much more from reading the thing, which condenses the wisdom of 19 leading publishing executives into one volume. Here are here main takeaways.

Scrappy Ebook store (The L Magazine)
An update on the start-up (upstart?), subversive ebook retailer Emily Books. It has coopted Word bookstore in Brooklyn for a physical presence in the literary scene. It has chosen a niche (subversive, challenging literature not written by heterosexual males). And it has a book club of sorts. The proprietors plan on running it “forever.” (DBW)
It’s a new online video book club to encourage women readers and writers.
Do Awards Help You Sell More Books? (PW)
Yes. Just ask Katherine Applegate, Jon Klassen and George Saunders – three authors whose works have received recent honors.
Boning up (PW)
The world of publishing is in constant flux. Enter the City University of New York with a five day “publishing institute” to help you keep abreast. Or, you could just read the DBW Daily and attend Digital Book World events. Just sayin’.

Going From Concept to Design (DBW)
A week of face-time with his new partners has taken Brett Sandusky’s new publishing start-up from concept to design. Amazing how much you can get done when bootstrappin’ it.
DIY Audio (DBW)
The 2010s are the decade of do-it-yourself in the paid content world. First it was ebooks and now it’s audiobooks.’s ACX freelance audio talent exchange has seen activity increase ten-fold. is owned by Amazon.
Amazon, Meet Apple (paidContent)
According to founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, it’s all finally happening for Amazon. One problem, writes paidContent books reporter Laura Owen: Apple. Readers are increasingly reading on tablets and Apple currently controls that market.
B&N vs. S&S (PW)
Barnes & Noble and Simon & Schuster are in some kind of secret conflict wherein the nation’s largest bricks-and-mortar bookseller is reportedly stocking the publisher’s books at a much lower level than usual.
New York Library of the Future? In More Ways Than One (NYT)
Does being the “library of the future” mean that you don’t exist in the present and may never really come into being? Four years after initial plans were announced to revamp the New York Public Library’s flagship building in midtown Manhattan, we’re nowhere closer to action – and costs are spiraling upwards.
New Improvements From Nu-book (DBW)
Quebec-based e-reading technology firm Nu-book has released the next version of its Android-based e-reading platform.
The Diary of a Young Girl, 21st Century Style (Litreactor)
The Diary of Anne Frank is being released as an enhanced ebook.

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